1 Simple Social Media Strategy for Getting Attention in a “BORING” Niche

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Hey everyone, this is Neil Patel, here. I’m with Adam from Viewership.com: https://viewership.com/

This question is from Ben, and he says, Hey Neil, great advice. Just wondering what your thoughts are on a social media strategy for a dull topic? I’m a mortgage broker in the UK, and it would be great to get some ideas and tips.

If you’re in a boring industry, that’s okay. I am, too.

I’m in B to B. I’m dealing with Fortune 1000 companies. If I do too much social media that’s funny or comedic, it’s not going to generate more business.

Sure it may generate the social media views, but that defeats the purpose. What’s the point of having millions of views and no revenue?

Building a social media strategy is all about attracting the right audience.

Let’s say you’re in an industry like mortgages.

Ben mentioned he was in the UK.

I bet you right now, in London, home prices are probably higher than most other places in the world.

Ben, you could be creating infographics on things like the top ten most expensive cities to live in this world.

Create an infographic breaking down the most expensive cities to live.

You can break down home prices, cost of food, cost of transportation, if there are any luxury taxes, and then you could even break down in that infographic top ten cheapest and most affordable places to live.

Or you can do a whole new infographic on the best ten places to live, and you can create a comparison based on school districts, based off of home prices, crime.

You can take that content and share it on social media because everyone has to live somewhere.

It’ll usually go viral, get a lot of likes, shares, and you’ll start also getting backlinks from it.

When you’re creating infographics, use a plugin assuming you’re on WordPress, EP Embed Code Generator.

This will allow people to take your infographic, embed it onto their website, which will allow them to link back to you, which will boost your Google rankings as well, so not only are you getting social media traffic, but you’re also now getting Google juice from it as well.

If you don’t have a social media following, what you should be doing is, go to Buzzsumo, type in articles or keywords related to the content you just created, click the view shares button.

It’ll show you all the people who shared that article.

Manually outreach to them. In most cases, they’ll respond back and tell you yes, I would love to see it. You send it to them.

They’ll share it, and you’ll start getting a lot more social media traffic.

You can do the same things with backlinks.

I know your question, Ben, was mainly for social media, but if you’re already creating the content for social media, you might as well get some Google love for it as well.

Take that content that you have and share it on the web with other people who link to your competitors.

Take all of the competing pieces, just like the article you found on Buzzsumo, you go to ahrefs.com, put in the URL, it’ll show you all the people who linked to that article, you reach out to them, and you ask them to also link to your article.

You have to send out roughly 100 emails to get around five links, and that’s okay. It’s a quantity game, but you combine the social media strategy with the linking strategy, not only are we getting more social media traffic, but you’ll also get more Google traffic.

It’s a win-win. I hope that helps you crush it on the web, Ben, and it’s okay if you’re in a boring industry.

Thank you guys for watching. If you have any questions about social media strategies, leave a comment below. I will answer it.

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