21 eCommerce Case Studies – Module 4 – Part 3 – eCommerce Unlocked

Today is a happy day for me and a sad day, as well. Let me explain what I mean by this. Today is the last day of eCommerce Unlocked, and for that, I’m sad, but the good news is is I will always be releasing more courses and training material for you, and the good news is you have finished eCommerce Unlocked.

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E-commerce is a booming business. More and more of e-commerce or commerce transactions are going to be happening online. So by you knowing everything that’s happening in SU Unlocked, you’re going to be much further than everyone else.

The amount of money that’s going online worldwide is huge, and because of COVID-19, I know that’s old news now, but still because of it, a lot of people realize how convenient, easy it was for them to buy online, and that’s made e-commerce grow at a much, much faster pace.

I want you to understand a few metrics because these are going to be important for your success in e-commerce, and if you know these, you’ll do well in the long run. Your cost of goods sold, that’s how much it costs you for the product that you’re selling, your return on ad spend, and of course, your return on investment. You want to make sure these metrics are always positive and growing.

Well, there’s quite a few skill sets. The first is you want to become a people watcher. By understanding the why will help you truly understand how to generate more sales. Why are people taking so long at a cafe? Why do people want to sit on a bench in a park? How are people using their phones? Why are they using their phones on a regular basis and for 10 hours a day?

You also want to be using tools like Ubersuggest on a regular basis. You’ve seen this throughout the whole course, and when you use Ubersuggest, you go to neilpatel.com/ubersuggest, or technically, you just can go ubersuggest.com, put in any keyword, and I want you to click on the keyword ideas report in the left-hand navigation.

It’ll show you in tap what buyers are really looking for, and then by tweaking mad and understanding that, you’re much more likely to generate the right type of visitors in the long run because you can go after those right type of keywords.

The second thing I want you to do is be ready and willing to adapt. People change over time. Businesses change. If you don’t adapt, you won’t win.

The third thing is scratch that curiosity itch. What are people curious about? Why? How can you leverage that to generate more sales? How can your company use that to exceed in that category?

Fourth thing, you want to embrace your teammates. Your team is who helps build amazing companies. It’s not Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook. It’s not Elon Musk by himself. It’s not Bill Gates.

The fifth thing, be persistent. Look, marketing takes time. Generating sales takes time. Your e-commerce store isn’t going to boom all of a sudden tomorrow. It really does take time.

The sixth thing, keep your existing customers happy. Try to do whatever to delight them. You also want to form the right habits. What is it going to take you to succeed on a regular basis? What things you have to do? For me, I read my competition’s website on a daily basis. I look to see what they’re doing on a marketing standpoint.

I make sure that I break down my goals on an annual basis, and then I try to break them down into monthly and then weekly and daily tasks, and I make sure I complete those things on a daily basis in order to help hit my goals on an annual basis.

Number eight, find the part of your work that you love. A lot of people ask me Neil, do you take holidays? No, I don’t take holidays. I don’t think they’re bad, but I just love what I’m doing, so I just keep crankin’ and crankin’. I don’t count hours.

Use the modules as checklists. Remember, repetition is a key to success, and again, you can get all the files at neilpatel.com/training. Click on eCommerce Unlocked, and each video has its corresponding file worksheet cheat sheet.

So that’s pretty much it. You’ve now completed eCommerce Unlocked. Thank you very much and congratulations.

I hope you have a wonderful day, and I look forward to continually educating you, helping you drive more traffic and more sales. Thank you very much.

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