7 Skills Every Marketer Must Master (Or Else Get Crushed by The Competition)

7 Skills Every Marketer Must Master (Or Else Get Crushed by The Competition) | You’re a digital marketer and things keep changing every day. Do you fear your skills can become obsolete in the years to come? Well, this is your chance to change that and upgrade your knowledge base. Today I’m going to breakdown the seven skills every marketer must master, or else you’re going to get crushed by the competition.

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The first thing that you need to master is media buying.

Look, it’s not just about Facebook ads and Google ads or even Bing ads these days. Taboola, they provide a huge ROI as long as you learn how to use them right.

So, if you can learn media buying right, you can do well. Now, media buying is a lot different than just saying “Hey, I’m going to drive Google traffic or Facebook traffic “to a page and convert people.” What you’re going to have to learn how to do, is generate copy, copy that educates people, and through that education pushes them into your product and service.

The next thing you need to master is SEO traffic generation.

Paid ads are going to become more and more expensive over time. In the last recession, Google didn’t have a down year. In other words, when the market crashed Google was still making more money.

You’re probably wondering why. Well, if you spend a dollar and you make more than a dollar, such as you making two or three or four dollars, do you think you’re going to cut back during recession? No, it’s profitable.

You’re more likely to cut back on things like television ads. So, you need to learn how to get organic traffic because that way as costs continually rise, you’ll be prepared and you can still get that organic traffic.

Now, with organic traffic, you’ll find that it doesn’t convert as well as pay traffic, but that’s okay.

It still drives a very high ROI through the fact that you don’t have to keep paying per click. If you don’t know where to get started with SEO, just go to Ubersuggest, put in your URL, once it loads click the site audit report.

It’ll tell you everything that you need to fix and prioritize it based off of what’s going to drive you the most traffic, versus the changes that’ll make the least impact.

After you learn SEO, I want you to learn copywriting and persuasion. As David Ogilvy said, when it comes to copywriting, 80 cents on the dollar is spent on the headline. And he’s right, it’s all about the headline.

There’s an interesting fact, eight out of 10 people will read your headline, but only two out of 10 will click through and read the rest of your content. So, if you can’t persuade people to keep reading and clicking through, you’re not going to convert those people into customers.

The reason this is important, especially with copywriting, because ads are increasing in costs. You got to add in up sales and down sales, and if you can’t persuade people through your copy and through persuasion, you’re not going to be making enough revenue on the front end to keep affording the costs of advertising.

The next thing you need to learn is channel partnerships or influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is on a rise, and everyone is looking at me like, oh, you know paying people on Instagram doesn’t work out that well.

Now, the reason influencer marketing or channel partnerships is important, is it’s all about finding micro influencers. So, if you can find micro influencers or channel partners who have the same exact customer basis as you, you can end up doing really well.

Next, you need to learn about Analytics.

Sure, there’s Google analytics, but are you using goal tracking? Are you looking at the cohort report which shows you who’s coming back over and over again? Are you looking to see what pages are causing more sessions and repeat usages?

Next, you need to be really good at social media marketing. And not just posting on Instagram, or Facebook, or any of this. It comes down to video and live.

You don’t need studio quality production like I have, you can just bust out your phone, record really quick videos like GaryVee or Tai Lopez does, it’s very effective.

And I also love research because it shows me what’s working other similar industries and then I can test it out on my site, versus from starting from scratch as well.

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