7 Unknown Marketing Tools to SKYROCKET Your Traffic

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Hey, everyone, I’m Neil Patel and, today, I’m gonna share with you seven unknown marketing tools that’ll get you more traffic.

Unknown Marketing Tool #1:
The first tool I have for you is MeetEdgar. And here’s why I like MeetEdgar: it’s a social sharing tool, it’s a bit different than Hootsuite and Buffer. Yes, you can schedule out, you know, your tweets and your shares on different social platforms. What MeetEdgar does is it continually shares the same article over time.

Unknown Marketing Tool #2:
The second tool I have for you is subscribers. Have you ever been browsing the web, you know, you’re using your Chrome browser and then you see this notification in your browser saying, like, check this site out, check out this blog post, hey, you have seven friends who have birthdays today on Facebook. Those are all push notifications. Using Subscribers.com you can get people to subscribe to your website, it’s 100% free and you can get them to keep coming back ’cause every time you have a new blog post and you’re offering a new product, you can send out a message using Subscribers to all of your user base and it’ll get them to come back to your website and it’ll get more sales and more traffic.

Unknown Marketing Tool #3:
The third tool you ought to be using is Ubersuggest. Yes, there’s SEMrush, there’s Moz, there’s Ahrefs, but what Ubersuggest did was take a lot of the features in those tools that you’re using and, instead of charging for ’em, they released them for free. You can put in a keyword and it’ll tell you more recommendations on phrases that you should add to your content to rank higher for. You can put in a URL in Ubersuggest and it’ll tell you how much traffic that site’s generating.

Unknown Marketing Tool #4:
The fourth tool you should be checking out is Typeform. It’s a serving tool and I know what you’re thinking. How’s a serving tool gonna get me more traffic? Well, you’re creating content on your website because you want more traffic, but instead of just creating content on whatever ideas you have, why not survey your audience, find out what they want you to write on and write on that content instead.

Unknown Marketing Tool #5:
The fifth tool I recommend for you is Canva. I know Canva’s a design tool, but there’s a purpose that I’m including it. With your website, when you have custom graphics, especially for your blog posts, they do way better on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, all the social sites out there. People are tired of seeing stock photography.

Unknown Marketing Tool #6:
The sixth thing you need to do, and this is more like strategy plus a tool, is A/B test your headlines. Now, most people would tell you that, hey, if you want more Google traffic, you need to create the most appealing headlines. And that’s true because you know what? If you do a search for something, and you click on the second result instead of the first result, it tells Google that the second result is more relevant.

Unknown Marketing Tool #7:
The last tool I have for you is LeadQuizzes. You have people coming to your website. One of the most engaging things you can do is quiz your audience. You have a weight loss site? You can quiz ’em. Find out how to lose weight.

I know a lot of these tools aren’t as common, but they work, you’ll get a ton of traffic because other people aren’t doing this stuff. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe, like, comment and share. Thank you very much.

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