8 Things About SEO to Unlearn in 2019 (And What You Should Learn RIGHT NOW)

8 Things About SEO to Unlearn in 2019 (And what you should learn RIGHT NOW) // There are SEO tactics that worked really well in 2010, that people are still doing today. Today I’m going to share with you eight things that you need to unlearn when it comes to SEO and what you should be doing in 2019 instead.

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I’m curious because if it is, I want to find out what these old school tactics you’re leveraging, because I’ll show you what to do instead.

The first thing I want you to unlearn is only focusing on external links.

Everyone’s like oh my god, back links is the number one factor in Google.

No, there’s a ton of factors in Google, and just building links from external sites isn’t going to do you justice.

You need to also build internal links.

If you don’t build internal links, your rankings aren’t going to climb.

If you look at my site, you’ll notice that I rank for things like online marketing, and I rank for things like SEO, it’s because I’m internal linking my pages together.

If you don’t internal link, you’re not going to do as well.

So when you find a good opportunity to internal link, even if it doesn’t have the right anchor text, that’s okay.

You need to do what’s best for the user.

The second thing I want you to unlearn is, you can’t just write content for SEO.

Everyone’s doing key word research these days.

Heck, I even had a tool called Uber Suggest that I’ve released for free that helps you do a keyword research.

But there’s an issue.

When you see a list of all the other related terms, you may end up taking them and just putting them into your website.

Yep, putting them into your website is writing content for search engines.

You got to make sure that you’re powering the best experience for people because you don’t want them reading your dog food article and just be like wait, this just has keywords in there.

All that it’s doing is just inserting 500 keywords related to dog food and this article doesn’t provide any value.

The third mistake that you need to unlearn is targeting high traffic key words that have no intent.

For example, I rank for terms like SEO.

Do you think that terms drive me any business?

You would think so, but no, it doesn’t, why?

Because most people who research that term are just looking to understand what SEO is, how it works.

They’re not necessarily looking to pay an ad agency.

The fourth thing I want you to unlearn is building a lot of back links.

Everyone believes that you need quantity.

No you don’t need quantity.

A good example of this is my friend Todd Malicoat.

Years and years ago had a forex site, and he ranked on page two of Google in less than six months of creating it.

Can you guess how many back links he built?

Less than 20.

All he did was going to the sites that already rank in the top 500 for the term forex, and he went to those sites and convinced the owners to link to his site.

It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality.

The fifth one is SEO is about tactics, tricks and gimmicks.

If you look at Google, their mission is to make sure that when someone does a search, they’re getting the best most valuable information for them.

They don’t want them to have to go to five, 10 different pages, they focus on the user.

The sixth mistake that you need to unlearn is focusing on rankings.

Ahrefs did a study, and do you know what they found out?

That the number one listing only gets the majority of the clicks 49% of the times.

Rankings aren’t everything.

For example, I get more traffic than some of the people that rank higher for me for terms like SEO tips because of Rich Snippets.

Even though I don’t rank at the top, I still get more traffic due to Rich Snippets.

When you get included in that, that’s what’s called ranking zero, you can actually get more traffic.

It’s not always about ranking number one, it’s about ranking for the right terms, providing the best user experience, and eventually slowly climbing up to the top.

The seventh mistake that you need to unlearn is focusing on key words in the bad ways.

People still stuck key words in their title tags, their meta descriptions, their content.

So what worked for some of these people in the past when it comes to key word stuffing won’t work for you.

And last but not least, content marketing replaces SEO.

That’s a huge myth, that’s not true.

Everyone’s like yeah if you want to rank, you just need to create a ton of content.

Not necessarily.

If you don’t have the fundamentals right, content marketing isn’t going to do wonders for you.

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