About Us. Hi, I’m Arnold Agbayani. I am the owner and creator of smartonlinexplorer.com website. My website is all about digital marketing strategies and tools that will surely help your businesses to boost digitally. On my website, I am promoting useful digital products and services.

My Brief Personal Background

I’m from the Philippines and currently working in Saudi Arabia for 15 years now. I am working as a Sales Coordinator in a small company having a low salary rate. I just starting to explore in the world of affiliate marketing hoping that this will bring me an enough income and will have the chance to leave my full-time job and be with my family while earning by promoting other people’s products.

Message to All Who Visited My Website

You will be part of my affiliate marketing journey. With your help and support, I am very optimistic that I will achieve my goal. I know that it takes a lot of time and effort but that’s how our life goes.


For every purchase you made, you’re not only getting a useful digital tool for your business, but you are also lending your helping hand to me and my family.

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