Creative Problem Solving | You Can’t Always Be In Control (TRUE STORY: OUR MICS DIED)

In business, you can’t always be in control. So what do you do? How do you push forward when you’re in situations beyond your control? ►►Subscribe here to learn more of my secret SEO tips:
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We’re having some camera issues right now, so we thought we’d record a video on the phone to show you creative problem solving, I’ve got Neil Patel here.

In business, one thing that’s always going to happen is, you’re going to be put in situations that you can’t control, for example, we’re here, and we can’t necessarily control that the microphones aren’t working.

You’ll never be able to control everything, from your business to revenue, to sales, to marketing, to the team members that are on your project, and that’s okay.

Instead of worrying about what you can and can’t control, for example, when the market tanks and we may go into recession, you have to figure out how to make the best of whatever situation you’re placed in.

Instead of worrying, you need to start being creative. Think about, I’m in this situation, what can I do? For example, we’re here in the studio, mics aren’t working, instead of wasting time, we’re like, hey, let’s bust out a phone and start recording.

In addition to that, in business, let’s say you’re selling a product or service, you have these huge contracts and you lose a customer, and the customer is a good portion of your revenue.

Instead of worrying or giving up you could start saving on costs, or why not go on Linkedin, find their competitors, contact them, let them know what you did for their competitor and see if you can close them as a client. That’s a good example of super creative problem solving.

You have to take action. Another example is, Adam created a video, and this video was contentious, what happened with the video?

I mentioned a few things that annoyed, I would say, about 90% of my audience. Got a lot of haters in the comments.

But how many video views did you have?

It’s over two million views at this point.

But his gut reaction was when he started getting all of the negative comments was to take it down. But he was getting views. So he kept it up.

Two million views, it was creating a conversation and good things were coming of the video. It may not necessarily have been the best thing for me, visually, but I’ll take it.

And that’s okay, I’ve been in situations like that, as well, that I can’t control. I’ve taken some hits on my brand, but keep in mind, yes, what you do in the past does affect you in the future, but people do forgive and forget.

Look forward, learn from your mistakes, and keep pushing forward.

The point of this video was to talk about what you do when you’re in situations that you can’t control, and the big takeaway I have for you guys is, be creative, don’t just think, I’m screwed.

No, there’s always another option, you just have to be willing to put in the time and energy to think outside the box.

Definitely, and also remember, for those of you who are trying to create videos, and comparing yourself to other YouTubers thinking, I don’t have the fancy studio or equipment, look at what we’re doing here. We took out the phone, right?

That’s right, and I bet you if you look at the stats on this video, they’ll be decent enough, and they’ll get thousands of views as well.

Look at Tai Lopez, Tai Lopez records a lot of his videos with his phone, he gets millions of views.

You don’t necessarily need money, you don’t need a studio or anything fancy equipment.

You can just take out your phone and start shooting, and then go from there.

Thank you guys for watching, best of luck, make sure you subscribe, comment, if you have any questions about online marketing, leave a comment, and I’ll answer it.

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