Designing Your Customer Experience & Case Studies – Module 7 – Part 3 – SEO Unlocked

So today we’re going to be going over building amazing customer experience because if people have amazing customer experience with you and you truly knock their socks off, they’re not only going to keep coming back and buying from you, but they’re going to tell their friends about you, other companies about you, and this is what makes big companies in both the B2C and B2B space.

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The easiest way to do this is by planning a series of experiences and you want to go from experience one to two to three to four and so forth so on and you don’t want to stop here.

So when you’re designing your customer’s experience, plan out a minimum of five steps. If you have at least five steps, there’s a good chance that you’ll hit on at least a few of them throughout the steps because not every step will be effective.

Some steps won’t work out as well as you would like. But by having multiple steps, not only will you be able to delight them, but you’ll make sure that they’re in surprise because they’re not going to expect everything that you’re going to be doing to knock their socks off.

If you can identify problems that others aren’t solving and then solve them, it can change peoples’ lives and that’s how you build a huge company and a brand that people love.

See, great businesses are built off of pain points and unmet needs. This is what it really looks like to have amazing brand. You have an idea of what you want to sell. People have an idea of what they want to buy. But that intersection is where amazing brands live. So what are the next steps for you? Well, you know the steps of SEO now. You know the power of branding and what you need to do to build a brand. I want you to start thinking about SEO and how you can implement it in your business.

By now, you should already be implementing some of the things, but I really want you to do more. Because if you do it more and you do it consistently, you’re going to see amazing results. And a lot of people just say, hey, maybe I should just do paid ads.

Well, I want to give you this scenario. If you invested 500,000 dollars in Google Ads versus investing 500,000 dollars in content marketing, AdWords yes can drive sales and if it’s profitable you should do it as long as possible, but the moment you stop spending money on ads, your sales stop as well.

But with content, you can keep getting leads. You can keep getting sales even after you stop spending money. That’s how SEO and content marketing have a much higher ROI in the long run.

And that’s why I think it’s the cheapest and most effective way to build a brand because everyone will constantly see it. In branding, the way I believe you build an amazing brand is what’s called the rule of seven. It’s when someone sees and interacts with your brand seven times, they’re much more likely to relate with it, be a loyal brand evangelist, and tell everyone about it.

And through content marketing, not just text-based content, it could be videos, it can be audio, podcasting, putting videos on social media, that’s how people can interact and engage with you and will help build you an everlasting brand.

It’s the same reason why I published over 8,200 blog posts. It’s because I want my brand to keep being out there not because I want to have the biggest name or some ego, it’s more so that brand is what’s helped me build a business and the bigger my brand gets, the bigger the business gets.

Now, if I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t name my brand after me Neil Patel. I would’ve done it like a product, like a Vitamin Water, because individual’s brand never makes as much money as a corporate brand. I don’t want you to reinvent the wheel, just do the fundamentals over and over again until you reach over a million visitors a month, specifically from SEO.

We went over how to supercharge your content. You want to be consistent in publishing. You want to do the link building. Yes, it requires work, but it is simple. The formula works and I’ve laid it all out for you. That’s how I built all my brands and businesses and it’s what’s led me to building a big business.

If you follow the steps, build a team like I have, you can get not just the same results, but you can also get better results.

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