Email Marketing Automation Strategies: Double Your Sales and Engagement Using Autoresponders

The Danger of Relying on Email Marketing – By a Guy Who Loves Email Marketing

Yes, I think email marketing is the best and most efficient form of selling. But do I ONLY use email to sell my stuff? No. How come? Because I’d be leaving money on the table. Here’s what other forms of direct-response marketing you should be using alongside email to maximize your profits.

Email Marketing Terms You Need to Know

The email marketing industry uses some specialized terms that you should know. This article covers the most popular terms you will see or come across.

What My Failed Attempts at Finding a Girlfriend Can Teach You About Email Marketing

No doubt you’ve asked yourself how often you should be emailing your list. I used to ask myself the same thing. But I learned the best email marketing strategy to use after getting my first girlfriend. Here’s how…

Why Being Polarizing Is One of The Best Ways To Make Your Email Marketing More Profitable

Being polarizing in your emails is a great way to make your email marketing a lot more profitable. Here’s how a “YouTuber” does it, and, most importantly, I’ll show you how you can do it, too.

Who Else Wants Better Clients?

This is the best advice I ever ignored: “Don’t just take on “anyone” as a client. Some people just aren’t worth the money.” Trust me, being selective over who you do business with is one of the most important things you can do if you want to run a successful long term business. Here’s why this is the case, as well as how YOU can attract clients and customers you’ll love doing business with.

The Greatest Benefit Of Email Marketing

The main benefit of getting good at email marketing is this: You can make money from anywhere in the world. This article will show you how.

Disney’s Hardcore Sales Strategy – Do The Same In Your Emails For Maximum Profit

How often should you “sell” in the emails you send to your list? Well, why don’t you take a leaf out of Disney’s book and sell very “hard” in every single email…

Why Your Emails Probably Suck

You know the biggest problem with most people’s emails? They’re dull. Like, really, really dull. In fact, they almost could have been written by robots. If YOUR emails are like this as well, then you’ve got a lot to learn. Here’s how to write them instead.

How Often You Need To Be Emailing Your List

“How often should you email your list?” This is a question which always makes for an interesting debate. Many self-proclaimed email marketing experts (I call them “egg-sperts” because a lot of them have never actually run a successful business) preach how you should email your list when you’ve got something to sell. Their reasoning is that you will “burn out” your email list if you email people too often. I massively disagree.

Gordon Ramsay’s Email Nightmares

British celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, really would be a world-class email marketer. Why? Because he’s as polarizing as they come. Here’s how to use your own unique personality in your email marketing.

What You Can Learn About Getting More Sales From a Clever Fitness Professional

No matter what market you’re in, here’s what you can learn about marketing from a clever fitness professional. Apply what you learn here, and you should see an increase in sales.

How To Almost Guarantee People Enjoy Reading Your Emails

Email marketing is a very effective and time-efficient way of getting new customers and clients. Well, it is if you do it right. But if you do it like most businesses do, then your results will be pretty poor. You’ll get literally zero sales.

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