Email Marketing Tutorial For beginners – Full Course in 1 Video.

The ABCs of Email Marketing

Although people have switched on to social networking sites from the traditional email communication, the essence of email marketing persists as an inevitable online marketing tool. A tremendous amount of people have the view that the use of email is declining, but statistics highlight that it’s still evolving. Hence, if you are looking forward to promote your business through emails, there is a checklist you must follow!

Stats That Prove Mass Email Blasts Really Work

Do email blasts still work in marketing? Find out here; the numbers don’t lie.

Are You Ready For Your Close Up?

With email being one of the main tools many businesses use as a means of attracting new customers, it is vital that they stand out in a user’s overcrowded inbox. It is highly possible that, yes, your email will be opened, but a quick skim through and it is deleted. So what can you add to your email to entice your reader to keep it open for more than 10 seconds and really interact with your brand?

Lead Generation – An Effective Way to Boost Your Sales

Believe it or not, lead generation has become one of the most powerful online marketing strategies that have found its rightful place among various business owners located worldwide. If you really want your business to succeed, then you might think of putting a step forward in the right direction, i.e. knowing more about effective marketing strategies. These strategies help in generating leads and ultimately boosting your sales. The three basic elements of online marketing are generating quality leads; escalating conversion rate and extenuating your marketing expenditure. Furthermore, there are many lead generation strategies which may include Facebook marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Banner Advertising, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Email marketing, Social Media marketing, Content marketing, Blogging, YouTube channel promotion, and many more.

8 Mistakes to Avoid in Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very good strategy that can help you gain customer loyalty and subscribers to a company which gives measurable results if used properly. But just as easily, it can be a way to annoy your subscribers and lose them. So beware of the mistakes that you should avoid, to make sure that you make a successful email marketing campaign.

Increase Email Campaign’s Visibility Through the Use of Social Media Buttons

Why not take advantage of the traditional email marketing as well as avail all the benefits of social media simultaneously. How integrate social media in email campaigns.

Building E-Mail Subscriber Lists

Building E-mail subscriber lists is always challenging as people surfing the Internet looking for content for the most part, enjoy doing this anonymously without giving you information about themselves. Often, if you do manage to entice them to your site in the first place, putting a big signup now to view the content will just get them to leave as opposed to subscribing as they really haven’t learned to trust you enough yet to give you their information so you can get into a marketing relationship with them. This articles provides tips on how to find and get quality subscribers who are actually interested in viewing your site and business’s content.

Email Marketing Intro

This is one of the most cost effective marketing methods to promote your business. In order to perform an effective email campaign, you need the correct information to achieve your targeted results. Email marketing is a direct marketing method that makes use of email to communicate an advertising message to your target market. It is the process of sending messages to your customers in order to make them do business with you again and in return you strengthen their confidence to your business and yourself. Another way to use email marketing is to create new customers and convince them to purchase something at once.

The Magic of Email Marketing

The magic of email marketing is found in building it, and using it the right way. When anything is done right you can get the best results from it, when you use it right. Sometimes we are impatient when we try to do things, we expect too much too soon, and as a result we resort to or find ourselves prey to all kinds of short cuts that don’t work as good, or not at all.

Avoiding The Delete Button – How To Make Your Email Campaign Pay Off

Have you noticed? It’s becoming harder and harder to get a good response out of email campaigns. Why? The more popular an advertising method becomes, the more overused it gets. When that happens, customers develop an “immunity”. They are so overwhelmed by the dozens, or even hundreds, of emails that pop into their inboxes that they simply hit the delete button without even giving it a second thought…

5 Simple Tips for More Effective Insurance Email Marketing

insurance email marketing can be an extremely effective lead generation tool for agencies, brokers and insurance wholesalers. Here are five simple tips for insurance email marketing initiatives.

A Simple, Effective Approach to Email Marketing

You may be working your Email marketing campaign for your business. However, you may not realize that there is a lot more to it than you may think. It is entirely possible that you have barely tapped into what it can potentially do for you and for your business.

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