5 High-Paying Digital Marketing Jobs That You Can Do From Home

Do you want to get a high-paying digital marketing job without ever going to the office? Today I’m going to break down five high-paying digital marketing jobs that you can do from home. Today I’m going to break down five jobs you can do at home. And best of all, if you don’t know how to do them, I’m going to give you a course that teaches you how to do each and every single one of them. So let’s get started.

Number one, copywriting. Top earners’ average salary, $130,000. Now keep in mind you’re probably not going to earn the top earner salary from day one, but it’s something to work towards for the future. So where can you learn it? There’s a free copywriting course by Neville Madora and it’s a really good course that’s worth checking out.

There’s also a quick course on effective website copywriting by Conversion XL, also known as CXL. And here’s the cool thing with the CXL course. Conversion XL’s all about copywriting for conversion. It’s one thing to write copy that people would just read. It’s even better to write copy that people want to read and then go and make a purchase from. If you can do that as a copywriter, that’s how you’re going to get to the upper levels of payment or salary as a copywriter.

Number two, search engine optimization manager. The top earners’ average salary is $98,000. It can be less, it can be more depending on where you’re starting off. And you’re probably wondering, hey, where can I learn SEO? And keep in mind when you start learning SEO, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to be a manager from day one but it’s something you can work up to.

I have an SEO course on the NeilPatel.com site. Just go to NeilPatel.com/training and click on SEO unlocked. And this course will teach you all the basics of SEO and even some of the advanced lessons as well. And each video lesson is short, to the point, and it’s free. Three, data scientists. Top earners’ average salary is anywhere from 120,000 to $130,000.

And if you’re wondering what a data scientist is, it’s all about computing data and taking that data and then figuring out what actionable decisions a company should be making. And that’s really important. If you can look at data, you can analyze it, but you don’t know what decisions they should be making you’re not as valuable. So that’s a really key point and you’re probably wondering, hey, where do I learn it? Well, there’s an introduction to data science by Metis. You should check it out.

There’s also data science MicroMasters by UC San Diego at EDX. There’s also CS 109 data science by Harvard. And there’s applied data science with Python specializations by UMich at Coursera. And you can check out any one of the courses. You know you may like one better than the other. Harvard is always a good name, especially when you’re putting on a resume. So check that one out as well.

The next one is an email marketing manager. There’s a saying in email marketing, the money’s in the list. You know companies like Amazon, companies like Overstock make so much money from emails. So it’s a very important channel. Top earners’ average salary $110,000.

Probably wondering where can I learn email marketing? Email marketing unlocked. Go to NeilPatel.com/training. I got a free email marketing course that you can check out.

And the last, you know, a role that you can do from home that pays quite well is a content marketing manager. Top earners’ average salary is $115,000 and you could end up learning it at content marketing unlocked at NeilPatel.com/training. And with the training courses, I mentioned at NeilPatel.com on email marketing, content SEO. I also give worksheets, handouts, and lessons and they’re all for free.

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