How I Got 920 Instagram Followers in 13 Days Following This Strategy.

Social Media Marketing Tips – Following the 80%-20% Rule

Before digging into social media marketing it is necessary to establish the fact that people come to social media platforms for social interactions and not to read your sales pitch! Social media marketing is more inclined to building relationships, trust and authority online rather than annoying your audience with repeated sales pitch. Adopt a subtle way to market your business across social media platforms.

How Social Media Is Ruining Lives

Social media is not what it use to be. It is beginning to shape not only what people perceive, but a false image of themselves. Over time this is only going to get worse until something or someone makes a stand.

The Biggest Social Media Changes in 2018

As the year 2018 has started it makes sense that in this new year what could be the biggest social media changes that can be expected. Typically, the world of social media has witnessed a continuous growth in technology and innovation. Every day some new innovations are seen, or new announcements are heard.

Promoting Your Content Effectively So That It Gets Noticed

Your content is essential to the success of your business. However, that doesn’t only mean that you need to write top-quality content. It also means that you need to promote your content so that other people have the opportunity to benefit from your words of wisdom.

Why Messengers Are Winning Over Social Media

Messaging apps and social media platforms have been in an instant fight during the last couple of years. Ever wondered why is this happening? Well, let’s explore several favorable features messengers have as well as the reasons behind this abrupt shift of people from public to private networks.

Facebook’s New ‘Click-To-WhatsApp’ Ads Will Start Chats With Businesses

Information about the new feature added in Facebook for business promotion. Facebook has always given a very nice feast for its users. All the features have always amazed its users with its outstanding creativity. Now the Facebook has come up with the new feature of add unit, with ‘Click-to-WhatsApp’. This will allow the users to message and call via WhatsApp, with a simple option of clicking button.

When to Advertise On Facebook If Ever

Are you thinking about adding Facebook to your medical marketing strategy? Before you do, avoid making these costly mistakes.

6 Ways to Effectively Market Your Facebook Page

With the constant changes on Facebook, promoting your page has become more difficult. Despite this, Facebook marketing is still a must for businesses because of the sheer amount of users. Facebook is one of the giant platforms when it comes to social media marketing. For a modern business to be more visible, they must exert effort into marketing their page on Facebook.

Social Media & Its Importance in Business

The entire landscape of marketing has changed with the inception of Social media. Social Networking sites are one of the fastest growing websites in the world.

Your Post Is Your Path

What we post on social media has an influence in our lives. Lets take a look as to why it is important to post positive.

Uses of Social Media Management (SMM) Tools

Social media and modern day commerce The social media epoch has formed a whole new way of networking, connecting dots between commerce and lifestyle, speeding up globalization and taming space for businesses to penetrate the market. From Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Snapchat, people are spoiled for choices when it comes to getting in touch with the world. A single WhatsApp group could contain the real estate contacts and data of an entire area code.

How To Overcome Social Mediatis – A 21st Century Surge

Social Media has crept into and taken over our lives. It has become an integral part of our daily lives, overtaking everything we used to do on a day-to-day basis, bypassing these norms to create a new normal. It is a disease out of control.

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