How to Build 41,142 Backlinks From One Simple Hack

How to Build 41,142 Backlinks From One Simple Hack | There has to be an easier way to get backlinks than doing a ton of manual outreach and creating a ton of new content. And there is. Today I’m going to share with you how to build 41,142 backlinks from one simple hack.

Kissmetrics –
Ubersuggest –
Canva –
Infogram –

Now what’s this hack that I’m talking about? I’ll go into detail on how to do it step by step and replicate the exact same results that we got. But this hack is infographics.

So back in the day I had this company called Kissmetrics and eventually, I bought the Kissmetrics domain and I redirected to including all the content.

But within a two year period, we were able to generate 2,512,596 visitors and 41,142 backlinks from 3,741 unique domain names, all from 47 infographics.

From a social media perspective in the last two years, these infographics have driven over 41,359 tweets and 20,859 likes.

The first step, what I want you to do is, within your industry, there are some popular keywords. Go to Ubersuggest, type in those keywords, real popular head terms.

Then I want you to go to the content ideas report and Ubersuggests, this will show you all the blog posts that have a ton of social shares, search traffic and backlinks based on keywords and popularity.

Look for any ones that are data-driven. Now, once you find the ones that are data-driven, I want you to go to those pages. You now have this blog post.

It has a ton of backlinks, a ton of search traffic, ton of social shares. That is data-driven. What’s wrong with the data? It’s hard to comprehend.

Next step, I want you to go to Canva or Infogram.

You can pick either solution, and I want you to go create an infographic with that data. Take that data, make it a very visual, easy to understand format. That way people can skim it, get the information. Make sure you cite your source, tell people where you got the data from. Mention the original source, link out to them.

You can’t just jack their content. And of course, sprinkle in any tidbits of value-added information in a visual way that you can add that they didn’t cover.

Typically, when you do this, people will want to share it, they’ll want to link to it because it’s more valuable than the text-based content. Who wants to read text when they can see everything in a beautiful image.

The next step, when you’re creating your infographic, has five to six main points.

That way it’s not overwhelming for people yet enough for them to be like, wow, this is cool. The five to six points need to flow together with each other. It needs to tell a story. I have an infographic from the Kissmetrics website on the meaning of colors. Which colors are used for luxury versus which colors are not used for luxury? All those things flow together. I can tell a story, creates a beautiful infographic.

The next step, go back to Ubersuggest. On that content ideas report, when you click the drop-down of links, it shows you all the people linking to that page. Now take that. I want you to head up all the people that linked to the original page and just be like, “Hey, I noticed you linked out to X, Y, and Z website.

I actually create an infographic with all that data. You can actually go here and bed that infographic into your blog post so that way people can understand the data and the message easier. If you use it, feel free to link back to my site. Cheers, Neil.”

You’ll find that a lot of people like, “Yeah, I already linked to the original. Why wouldn’t I link to also beautiful infographic, embed it into my website so that way I can get more traffic.”

The next thing I want you to do, when you have this infographic, also publish it on your site. That way people can link back, but use a plugin. If you’re using WordPress, WP embeds code generator.

That way you can create a simple embed code that people can just copy and paste and that way, hey, for the people that you didn’t email out, you’ll still get traffic back because all these people are linking.

They’re sharing it, right? Because some will link to it, some will share it, but it gets more people to your site. They can then copy and paste that embed code, also add it to their website.

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