How to Continually Find New Keyword Opportunities (That You’ll Be Able to Rank For)

SEO is all about keywords. The more keywords that you target and go after, the more potential traffic that you can get from search engines. So how do you go and continually find new keywords. Today I’m going to break down how to continuously find new keyword opportunities.


I’m on Ubersuggest. You can find it at So let’s type in a keyword. I’m in marketing. My agency NP digital which you can see here is an ad agency where we help companies grow their traffic.

So I’m like, all right, if this is my ad agency site, and I’m trying to get more leads for people interested in marketing services, how can I continually find new keywords for, you know, digital marketing services and things related to that that I can continue to target.

So let’s type in here one of the services that offers SEO. So let’s type an SEO company into Ubersuggest. And what I’m doing here is just pulling out some keywords that are potential opportunities.

So this report over here is a keyword overview report where it shows you the keyword, how popular it is, it’s growth over time or decline over time, desktop volume, mobile volume. And if I go to keyword ideas, that’s where I can see many, many more keywords that are related to SEO company.

So I’m looking for new ideas constantly. So how do I continually find them? Well, the first thing you need to do is when you find keywords that you’re interested in, you need to on the keyword ideas list, just put a little tick box next to those keywords.

And I’m going to add those keywords to that list. And now I’m going to do the same thing just like there’s company, there could be agency. It could be SEO agency as well, right?

There’s also services. So I can type in SEO services, and similar, I can go SEO services. I can do cities. I can even do for like small businesses near me. Why is SEO important? That could be a good keyword, SEO services, pricing, providers, another city one, few more city ones, SEO service agency, more city terms.

And the overall point I’m trying to make is you want to save your keywords.

Go to keyword ideas. And here’s some ideas. Here’s some more related terms, Houston, Texas. So it gets pretty long after this. There’s not too many suggestions after when I’m going that long of a tail but like SEO company for lawyers.

And as you continually search and you continually do keyword research over time, what you’ll want to do is you’ll just want to save your keywords. So here’s ones, SEO companies, SEO like best SEO companies, SEO companies in New York, Chicago.

So these are all examples of more keywords that I can go after. And again, I can add it to my list and I may add this one to my SEO companies list Select that, add it. And now I have four more keywords.

So when you’re constantly doing searches you’re keeping track of it over time. Your lists of keywords will continue to go up and you just go to the keywords lists idea. You can group ’em. I like grouping. It keeps it simple. And then, then I have my list of keywords that I want to constantly track.

And if you ever decided that, “Hey, you know what? “I’m not interested in this keyword anymore.” I can just remove it from my list, whether it’s one or two keywords. You can always export them, copy to clipboard, but that’s it.

This is how you consistently find new keyword opportunities. This is how you keep track of them. You keep adding to them and then you don’t have to worry.. “Hey, did I already have this keyword? “Did I already add it to my list?” When you add it, it’ll keep track of it all as well as the duplicates and remove ’em.

So that way it’s simpler and easier for you. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to respond and help you out.

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