How to Create The Optimal SaaS Pricing Page

You’re starting to sell products online specifically, software as a service or subscription based products. What kind of elements should you be putting in your pricing page? How should it look? How do you maximize your conversions? Today I’m going to break down the ideal SAAS pricing page.



So if you can see here straight off the page, just basic headline. You can have a benefit in there. We found that to work sometimes well too not as well as it used to. I recommend putting a badge at the top free 30 day money back guarantee or a free trial, we’ve seen that to boost conversions.

Then you could have some bullet points of what you guys offer in your product. One thing that we tested here, this provided around 8, 9% lift in conversions, is we break down how we’re different than the competition or some sort of unique offer. So when you offer some sort of unique offer like we offer a lifetime plan, it can help boost conversions.

As you can see here our lifetime offers a money back guarantee instead of a free trial but the badge changes as I toggle left and right. And then right below we just give you an overview of the plans.

And some people want to dive into details but if people want the details they can just click the details button below and go into a box or area that breaks down everything.

And then we have the social proof. If you’re a new company, we found this to help more. If you’re older company established, we found that it doesn’t help too much in conversions but it doesn’t really hurt having it. So we found that that’s a good thing to add.

We found that not everyone is, you know, comparison oriented like the comparison tables, we also have that too but some people just want quick bullets and images describing what they’re going to get.

Breaking that all down and showing your company in a more favorable like, can help you generate more sales so we found that’s a great conversion adder. And then you get the tables and the table has every little thing with the check boxes and the details.

And then you also have the call to actions buttons below, so that way they don’t have to scroll back up to click start. And then as you scroll down, we usually end the page with frequently asked questions, because if you have your frequently asked questions answered you’re more likely to increase conversions. And this has been a super high converting page for us.

And another thing that a lot of companies don’t like but I recommend it, is adding chat. Because when you add chat, you can talk to someone right away. Someone just fills out the question. They can have a chat.

A lot of these elements also work for other SAAS companies. Take this as a starting point but don’t take this as the end all be all. Because what you’ll find is some of these things may work for you, some of these things may not, you know, like one thing that we found that works for most SAAS companies, including us is having multiple tiers.

When you have multiple tiers, majority of the people will always choose the lowest plan but by having multiple tiers, you can at least maintain your conversion rate in most cases, but you also get some people picking the higher tiers which increases your revenue per user.

So I would recommend this as a starting point for your pricing page. And literally you can rip off what I did here and as you can see, there’s no navigation and stuff and that’s because of that it distracts people from purchasing.

And then I do a two-step checkout. When someone clicks start my free trial, they go to a page where they register and then when they put it in their information it then sends them out to checkout page. I’ve also found that the two step increases conversions versus sending them everyone to checkout page with too much information where they feel overwhelmed.

So again, use this as a starting point, but don’t take this as the end all be all, alot of these elements are tested not just by us, but many other SAAS companies. Use this as a starting point, tweak, adjust, and test and figure out how to maximize it for you and your business.

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