How to Create The Perfect Blog Layout

Today, I’m going to go over the ideal blog layout. Many of you have a blog, you have a website, you’re writing content, but what’s the ideal layout? What you’ll find is if you don’t have the ideal layout, sure, you can still get traffic, but you won’t get any conversions. So I’m going to break down the ideal blog layout.



And let’s first start with a blog post page. So if you notice here with my blog post page, I keep it really simple.

So the first thing you’ll notice is I have a scrolling bar that pops up at the top and as you scroll, it sticks with you, this is a conversion element.

And you can use to do something similar for your website, it’s free to get started, and once you’re on Hello Bar, you can end up creating your own top bar, you can have it look very simplistic, or you can have it look more advanced like mine and more custom.

So I would recommend that you have a top bar. Your top bar could collect a lead, collect an email, could push a discount or offer or push people to subscribe to your social channels, or it could just push people into, you know, it could just push people into a discount or a giveaway or anything that you’re doing like a Black Friday promo if, you know, it’s during the holiday time or anything like that.

The next thing I would recommend to do in your blog is always have a sidebar because it gives you more call to action areas.

I would recommend a call to action on the top right, that could be subscribing to your newsletter. you can do that through tools like Hello Bar. I would recommend pushing a product, pushing a service, collecting an email, those are all options.

Then I would recommend the about section, about you, about your company, if it’s not a personal blog and it’s more of a corporate blog, that’s fine too, it could be about your corporation, and then you all want to have a search bar because you’ll find a lot of people search on your blog, just looking for content.

Then I would recommend another call to action, to drive people to a product, service, and when you’re seeing these call to actions in my sidebar, you’ll notice that they’re not exactly the same, you’ll notice that this one is a little bit different than this one right here, and if you scroll down, it’s a little bit different than the one on the very bottom.

You’ll also notice that my social icons scroll with the user, I think that’s great, and the reason that’s great is by doing that, you’ll get more social shares.

You’ll also notice this thing on the bottom left, and you’re probably like “What the heck is that?” It’s accessibility, and this allows me to make sure that my website is compatible for people who may be disabled or have hearing impairment, and I get this through AudioEye, and then the other thing that you’ll notice too is throughout my content, I always start my post with the image, it makes it clean, simple, I have breadcrumbs as well, and then as you scroll down at the introductory paragraph, I’ll embed videos when it makes sense, and then the other thing that I end up doing as well is I may link out to subsections within the article, I’ll use headings that makes it easier to understand images, to describe what I’m trying to do, and then at the very bottom, as you scroll, you’ll see a few things, and one of them being a conclusion, this post is quite long, so it’s going to take a little bit to scroll to the bottom.

And then the other thing that you’ll notice is I have a comment section, so that’s important as well.

You can have the pagination at the bottom, some people do that, I do the infinite scroll. It doesn’t make too much of a difference on what route you end up choosing, but that’s generally how I do my overall blog layout, it works really well.

One other thing that you can consider doing that I do is I use one of these breadcrumbs, you know, you make categories so people can click on them and then they can find all the posts related to that subject as well, but that’s my overall blog layout, and feel free and copy mine, it’s really effective for driving conversions for B to B, B to C, this will work no matter what kind of blog you have, and it also works really well for getting more Google traffic.

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