How to Do Marketing In Over Saturated Social Networks (WITHOUT Paid Ads)

How to Do Marketing In Over Saturated Social Networks (WITHOUT Paid Ads) | Social media reach is decreasing all across the board. Facebook’s organic reach is pretty much already a joke. And now people are talking about the changes that are happening on Instagram, LinkedIn cause it’s all dropping engagement and reach. Look if you want to succeed you’re probably wondering, what should you do? And you know what? There is something that you should do. Today I’m going to break down how to do marketing in over-saturated social networks without paid ads.

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The first tip I have for you is, offer overwhelming amounts of value.

It’s all about giving more value than all the other players. Creating more content for free. More videos. More audio. Going above and beyond. Responding to every comment. Helping people out. Go into groups participating.

In other words, you’re pretty much-doing things like live consulting calls. Like when you go live on these social networks and you’re helping people out, that’s almost like consulting.

The second thing you need to do is, start scaling without sacrificing your ability to test new content.

If you notice that some forms of content perform well, well figure out what ways you can scale it up and produce it faster. Create a process. Figure out a basic template for creating these kinds of images, these videos, these kinds of contents, text space that people want to see.

At the same time, you always want to constantly test new forms to find out what’s the next thing that’s going to work. Cause you’ll find that even if it works right now, it’s not going to work too well, three-four-six months from now.

The third tip I have for you is invested in automation.

At least when it comes to scheduling your posts. If you can shave two to three or four hours a week, it can be used to create better content and test new things. If you don’t schedule your content, and you want to do it manually, you’ll always have to be in front of a computer. That’s really inefficient. You can use tools like Buffer, Hootsuite.

These will all help make the scaling much more efficient because you can end up scheduling your content when it gets pushed out. Now one platform I wouldn’t recommend scheduling my content is Facebook. They hate it and when you do it using a third-party tool, you’ll get crushed. Now if you want to schedule your content using Facebook’s own tools, which you can, you’re fine.

The fourth tip I have for you is, use different media formats.

And figure out what lengths work best. See on some social sites, video works really well. I tested video a lot on Twitter, didn’t work that well. But video on Facebook crushes it. Video on LinkedIn? Crushes it. Quotes through on Twitter work extremely well.

The fifth tip I have for you is, Cross-post your content ideas.

IG story posts, Facebook Live posts, Facebook group posts, ask me anything on Instagram stories, Facebook Live ask me anything sessions. This will help you get more ideas. When the majority of the people ask you to do something, that means people want more of it and you should do it.

The sixth tip I have for you, actively build connections with other influential players in your space and niche.

By doing this you can cross-promote. You don’t actually need to pay these people. You can just keep engaging with them. Help promote their content. They’ll help promote your content. You can create these little social rings. And only do this when you can add value.

The seventh tip I have for you is, use video more.

Over the next few years, you’re going to see video taking off. It’s already becoming popular. But it’s going to be the mainstream or main format that these social networks want. They’re trying to compete with all the TV stations, the reality TV. That way they want you to push video harder.

Tip number eight. Offer users the ability to create content with you.

So take live calls. Ask Gary Vee is a great example of this. He’ll take live calls and use their creating content with them. Now it doesn’t create more engagement but it’s helping create content without him having to come up with ideas. You can do snapshots of your interactions. Dice it up into small content.

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