How to Find Lucrative Keywords That Are Easy to Rank For

Today I’m going to teach you how to find lucrative keywords that are easy to rank for.



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So the first thing that you need to do is head onto, over to Ubersuggest is, or technically you can just go and type in any keywords related to your industry.

So I’m in the online marketing niche. So let’s say I type in marketing. And when you type marketing and hit enter or click search, you’ll end up seeing a report that breaks down the traffic overview for that term. So let’s say with this term marketing, you can see here, you know, here’s a search volume, the SEO difficulty, pay difficulty, cost per click, trend over time.

And what you want to do is first look for keywords That ideally have more desktop traffic than mobile. So the desktop traffic is in yellowish orange color. The mobile traffic is in reddish color. The reason I say you want more desktop searches is desktop searches tend to convert better than mobile searches.

You also want to look for keywords that don’t just get high search volume, but also get a lot of clicks. As you can see here, if someone types in marketing 29,000, you know, good percentage click on SEO results, very few click on paid, but look, the majority click on nothing. So you ideally want to find keywords that have more clicks than people clicking on nothing.

You ideally want to go after, as I mentioned, keywords that have a lot of volume, low SEO difficulty, ideally under 40 and good cost per click, the higher, the number, the means more lucrative the keyword. As you can see with digital marketing, a lot more people click on the SEO results versus the no clicks.

And you can also look at age range, the older the age range, the better cause if everyone’s under 18, it usually means they’re not going to spend money, because most of them don’t have credit cards. So underneath, you’ll see a section called keyword ideas. I want you to click on view all keyword ideas, and this will show you all the keywords that related towards digital marketing. Now, the way you find the most lucrative keywords to go after is you look for the ones that have good volume, high CPC and low SEO difficulty.

So what I’ll do to keep things really simple is I’ll use the filters, the filters all put a minimum cost per click of a dollar, because I want it, you know, the more, the better, and I’m going to put a SEO difficulty max, cause I want to under this of 40 and then click apply. This will show me all the keywords.

Now, another thing to keep in mind is the related tab. See the suggestion test pulls from Google suggests the related tab pulls from the entire database of any keyword that mentions it, digital marketing. So same thing here. You’ll just get a bigger list of keywords.

Probably a money keyword doesn’t get searched a lot, but I bet you anyone who types this in is going to convert and comparisons digital marketing versus traditional. This is really useful when you look at company names, MailChimp versus HubSpot, or it could be, you know, Ubersuggest versus SEMrush, whatever it may be.

So once you end up having a list of keywords that you want to target and you’re going through this, all you have to do is just select the ones that are relevant for you. And literally you can either copy them to clipboard or just export them after you select all the ones that are relevant. That’s how you go out and you find good keywords.

So when you do all of that, you have your list here. Typically you want to look for keywords that have a good CPC. You can start off with anything it’s going to vary per region, but in the United States, they usually like using a CPC of over a dollar, an SEO score max of over 40 for difficulty, because of that way or showing all the keywords that are under that. And when you do that and you go through all the sections, just highlight all the keywords that are intriguing for you, that you think are relevant to your business.

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