How to Leverage Instagram to Actually Make You More Money

How to Leverage Instagram to Actually Make You More Money // Have you heard the saying that Instagram likes and followers and comments aren’t going to pay your bills? Well, there’s actually some truth to that. But if you know how to use Instagram right, it’s actually totally wrong. Today, I’m going to teach you how to actually leverage Instagram to make you more money.

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Step 1 – Build your account for one specific problem.

In other words, you want to solve one problem for one audience. It’s really hard to just be an influencer just because your life is cool, or you have some cool pictures of yourself that are half naked.

That doesn’t really work these days anymore, and I wouldn’t recommend that. Solve one problem for one audience. When you do that, you’re going to have a super focused community, so when you pitch products and services to them, they’re much more likely to convert.

The second tip I have is differentiate your account.

Don’t just do what everyone else is doing. If you see everyone else posting the same type of content, if you do the same thing, you won’t do well.

Once you’ve figured out what’s working, the stuff that is, double down on it. What doesn’t perform well, stop doing it. Now, once you’ve figured out the formula what’s working well, you need to go back and retest this every few months, the reason being is Instagram’s constantly changing their algorithm.

Step 3 – Run ads on Instagram to your top-performing content pieces. That way, the stuff that’s already doing well, you’re going to grow more awareness, more followers, you’re going to get in front of more people who are much more likely to convert into customers.

Step 4 – Start running giveaways and promotions and challenges. You’re probably wondering, Giveaways only work if you’re giving away something that’s very valuable and super related to your niche.

Step 5 – Sponsored posts on other accounts.

So, there’s other influencers within your niche. If you can do sponsored posts on their accounts and promote your profile, you’re going to build a bigger, more loyal base within your exact space.

And when people are doing those sponsored posts, make sure that in their bio, they include that you’re running a contest and a giveaway and people should look there and click through so they can go over back to your profile and your website of course as well.

So the people who are doing this on their profile, they need to change their URL to your site URL. And as I mentioned, don’t do it for random accounts, has to be super relevant. I can’t emphasize that enough.

Step 6 – Leverage micro-influencers to sell your products or services. There’s a lot of companies out there on Instagram that are crushing it, especially niches like health and fitness or fashion.

Micro-influencers on the other hand, even when I was talking to him about this, he has a high conversion rate from micro-influencers. And there’s a lot of sites that can help you find the right influencers. Such as It’s a great site to find very targeted influencers.

Step 7 – Find affiliate products that can be very valuable to your audience.

Now, if you do all of that, you’ll find that your Instagram profile can generate you good money, you can make a living off of it, you know, and then when people tell you, “Ah, you’re an Instagram influencer, you can’t make money from that,” you’ll be able to show them real stats and data that you can do well from Instagram.

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