How to Make Sure Algorithm Changes Don’t Destroy Your Business

How to Make Sure Algorithm Changes Don’t Destroy Your Business (5 Surefire Tactics) // We’ve all lost traffic from Google organic algorithm update or a social media algorithm update. In other words, these algorithms, whether it’s Google, whether it’s Facebook, they can all destroy your business. How do you make sure you can still survive? Because look, when these algorithm updates happen, some business go down, but other businesses go up. In other words, your losses are typically someone else’s gains.Today, I want to discuss how to make sure algorithm change doesn’t destroy your business. Five sure-fire tactics.


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Tactic 1: Build up, one platform at a time.

You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. Sure, focus is important, and the reason I say one at a time is you don’t have the time to do five or 10 platforms, all at once. You want to look, where is your ideal audience on? Where’s your ideal consumer on? Your ideal persona, right? Think about your ideal customer.

Wherever they’re on, start with that channel. Then, start with the second place that they’re on, then the third place, and then, you go from there. In the long run, of course, you want to take an omnichannel approach.

Yes, at first, even though you only can do one at a time, but if you don’t expand to all of them, if that one goes down, you can be screwed. That’s why I’m a big believer in the omnichannel approach.

Typically, what works for one social network, works for another. What works for one search engine, works for another.

Tactic 2: When a tactic sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

You know when people tell you automated bots to follow and unfollow people, block out ways to build links, automated content generation, automatic traffic generation, whatever the heck that means.

Any time it’s too easy, it’s probably over-used, it’s going to get you penalized, it’s going to screw your business, in the long run.

Tactic 3: You don’t work for the algorithm. You want to help humans. It’s not about pleasing Facebook. It’s not about pleasing Twitter. It’s about pleasing humans. Facebook wants to do what’s best for humans, in an ideal world. So does Google, so does Twitter, so does Instagram.

That’s why you have focus your marketing on humans, right? So, for example, what makes your audience tick? What content formats do they like? What topics do they love? What are their hardest challenges?

What are the goals that they’re trying to accomplish? If you can help them with this stuff, you’ll do better. If you can’t, you won’t. This will also protect you from algorithms in the long run because you’re always trying to provide value.

Providing value usually means that’s best for people. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re engaging with people. Are you engaging through comments? Are they even engaging with your content that you’re creating?

Tactic 4: Always use new features that come out.

Whether it’s FAQ snippets on Google, right? Ideally, that would be right when it comes out. Or Google My Business has a new feature, you use that. Or Facebook has videos now where they’re going live, or Instagram has Stories.

Whatever it may be, use the latest and greatest, because typically, when they release these new features, they promote them so hard in their algorithms they give you extra love if you leverage them.

Listening to things like earnings calls from all these big digital marketing channels like the Googles and the Facebooks of the world. It helps you, and tells you what they’re focusing on next.

Tactic 5: Keep testing new formats. Never rely on what works now. It won’t always work in the future.

Algorithms always change, people always change, competitors change. You need to do your research.

Use tools like Ubersuggest to see what works in your space, and what doesn’t. See what made it work, what format is it in? What message type is it? What captions are they using? What gaming strategy? Are they asking for comments? Are they asking to tag friends? Are they giving away stuff? Are they doing contests?

So don’t just ride or jump the bandwagon and follow everyone else, look for unique strategies that other people aren’t leveraging yet. And typically, these earnings calls that I discussed earlier, or where they’re going with their roadmap or features, that’ll all help you get that edge. And when you keep looking for that, that’ll help you, even as algorithms change.

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