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How to Stop Overthinking Your Marketing And Do The Work 5x Faster | Do you feel you’re spending a lot of time on your marketing and not getting much done? After 40, even 60, even 80 hours of just working on your marketing each and every week, just feel you’re putting in so many hours, but you’re not getting a ton of results. Well, we’re about to fix that today. Today I’m going to teach you how to stop overthink your marketing and how to do your work five times faster.

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Now you probably overthink your marketing if:

A. You’re trying to be perfect.
B. You’re polishing up graphics.
C. You’re polishing up your social media, text-based content or copied.
D. You’re getting sad when your content piece doesn’t perform.

It’s just an indicator that you need to try another approach. So, let’s go over how you can work five times faster and more effectively.

The first thing you need to do is breakdown the overwhelming projects into baby steps.

In marketing, there’s a lot of things that take time, but they can be broken down into baby steps. For example, when it comes to SEO, there’s link building, there’s writing content, there’s promoting the content, there’s things like cross-linking, there’s on page SEO, you can break them all into small bite size chunks.

When you break it down, write it on a paper as if, hey, here’s what you have to do for this day. Or here’s what you have to do for this task. And what I like doing is writing it down on paper or creating tasks and breaking it all into bite size chunks and ideally try to make them small enough where I can complete something within 30 minutes to an hour at the latest.

The next thing I want you to do is allows think about why you’re doing a certain activity.

Do you really need to do it? See, sometimes we’re slaves to our own list. We have all these actions in our to-do list, we’re like, all right, we’re going to go do this today and we break it all down, but are some of these things even important? Well, if they are, you should be doing them. If they’re not, you know, double check with yourself like, “Hey, is this actually going to move the needle?” If it’s not going to move the needle, then don’t do it. It’s not put it on the sidelines, I’m talking about don’t do it at all.

The next thing you want to do, identify and focus on activities that have caused the majority of your results so far.

It’s a 80/20 rule, right? The Pareto Principle, in which, 20% of the stuff you do will produce 80% of the results. You know, it’s so funny, I talk with a lot of my sales guys and their just like, “Yeah, closing all these deals. “I’m on the phone, I’m following up with everyone” and I’m like, “You’re following up with too many people. “Why don’t you focus on the right accounts “that are going to make us the majority of the money.” The same goes with your marketing efforts. Look at what has the biggest impact, focus on that. That 80% of the stuff that you’re spending your time on produces the least amount of results.

Next, I want you to outsource the lowest level activities in your business. Whether that’s creating graphics for Instagram or graphics for Facebook, or LinkedIn, or whatever it may be. Or editing your videos, or optimizing your title tag. There’s a lot of basic stuff that you’re probably spending 10, 15 hours on that you could have other people help you out.

Next, I want you to start creating processes.

When you have a process in place and it could be in a form of checklists that someone has to do all these things in order to get this specific action, then what you’ll find is people will be much more efficient.

Then, I want you to create as much content as possible in batches. Whether it’s text on social media, quotes for images on social media, podcast, for example my marketing school podcast, we tend to record roughly 15 episodes in a two to three hour chunk.

Last, but not least, I want you to repurpose more of your content.

Turn your blog post into social media quotes. Heck, you can even take your blog post and repost them on social media. Use image captions, video captions, right? Turn your blog post into outlines for videos.

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