How To Write The Perfect Email That Converts? Copywriting Tips For Beginners

Why You Should Make Your Emails Boring

Bet that title’s got you curious… And so it should.

A Long Time Ago In An Email Marketing Galaxy Far, Far Away

You a Star Wars fan, my friend? I like it. Without being a true fan-boy. But whether you like it or not, this Ezine article will still help you out massively. Because I’m gonna give you an “outta this world” email marketing tip (if you’ll pardon the pun… ).

How Often Should You Pitch Your Products And Services In Your Email Marketing?

How often should you pitch your products and services in your email marketing? It’s a question asked by many email marketers. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been doing email for a while, or if they’re completely new when it comes to email marketing.

Email Marketing 101: How To Make Your Emails Seem Personal

One of the biggest reasons why people make next to zero profits from their email marketing campaigns is this: They don’t make their emails personal. Yet on the face of it, it sounds quite the challenge. After all, you’re sending the same email to potentially thousands of people (depending on the size of your email list).

Beware The Email Marketing Thief

One of the worst things you can ever possibly do when it comes to email marketing is flat-out steal someone else’s content. It’s seriously wrong. Never, ever, EVER do it.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s Email Marketing Blunder

If you’re looking to become a better motivator and “man-manager”, Sir Alex is one of THE guys to study. No matter what niche you’re in.

Sell More By Working Less

We’ve all done it: Worked stupid long hours just because we think it’s the best way to make more money. However, what I tell you here might just change your life.

The Found-Footage Horror Guide To Email Marketing

Want a very easy way of making your email marketing more profitable? In fact, this way is so simple, ANYONE can do it. Here it is…

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Email Marketing Stand Out

So you wanna make more money with your email marketing? Stupid question. ‘Course you do. You’re reading this after all. And guess what? Your favourite not-so-cuddly “Maverick Email Marketer” is here to give you a killer email marketing tip so you can do just that.

Email Marketing Lessons From The Dessert Menu

Went to this really good restaurant over the weekend. Just a local one on the outskirts of Norwich. See, normally when I go out to eat in the evening, I won’t eat as much during the day. I mean, it’s kind of an unwritten rule.

Email Marketing Lesson From Freddie Boodle’s Cave In Tenerife

This is going to be one of the best email marketing tips I give you. You see, I believe storytelling to be one of the most powerful ways there is of making money. It’s a super-potent email marketing strategy.

How To Stop People Unsubscribing From Your Email List

Look, if you read my ezine articles regularly, you’ll know I tell you not to worry about people unsubscribing from your email list. And if you’re doing email the “correct” way, then it’s true… you shouldn’t worry about people unsubscribing. And heck, you should even want it. After all, if you’re getting no one unsubscribe, then you’re probably not being polarizing enough.

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