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Hey everyone, it’s Neil Patel here for another Q and A Thursday video. I’m here with Adam LoDolce from Viewership.

This is a funny one, brace yourself. This is from SERIO Design FX – Let’s Direct Traffic to You that is the name of this channel. Can I embed your videos on my website? What do you think Neil?

If you embed people’s videos what I found because I embed people’s videos on my blog post or in my blog post more so. Even though I have marketing related videos there are other people that have better videos than me on topics like Google Analytics or step by step one hour tutorials and I’ve embedded them before or there are videos from a Google engineer saying something cool that I want to share with you guys so I’ll embed it and what I’ve noticed is it does help reduce your bounce rate but more so it helps increase your time on site which helps with things like the Google Panda update. So why wouldn’t you want to embed more videos? And I’ve done it with videos, audio files, podcasts, I try to even do tools and scripts like that, even if it’s simple things like calculators. All of these things will help keep people on your site longer, it provides more value to them as long as the content you’re embedding makes sense with the page. For example, what’s their name?

But if you just take my videos, even though I appreciate it, embed it into your site onto a page that’s not relevant and beneficial to your users it’s not going to do you any good. No one’s gonna watch the videos. You need to include videos that really help people. Right? Think about the user first. Put yourself in their shoes. If you’re on a page you’re seeing some text, you’re reading or you see a video and if the video isn’t contextual to the topic, that page topic, you’re not gonna watch it. You’re still gonna bounce away. You had a bad user experience. You’re not gonna come back to the site so put the user first before you just embed random videos.

Definitely and I’ve just seen with my other business I think I’ve gone from like 30,000 unique visitors a month before meeting Neil now last month there were like 700,000 unique visitors in like six months. The reason why is video. I mean no one else in my industry does video and because I do video and 3,000-word blog posts it’s like zero to 100 real quick, to quote Drake. Yeah, it goes very, very quick so you know.

So that’s it. If you have a comment, question that you want to be answered on next week’s video leave a comment below we’ll try and answer it. You stood up you’ll probably not be in screen but that’s okay.

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