Learn SEO For Free! How to Jumpstart Your SEO Career Without Spending a Dime [2021 Edition]

This is the 2021 Edition of what I think you should do if you want to get into the SEO world in 2021. Today I’m going to talk about how you can learn SEO for free and jumpstart your career without you even spending a dime.

Ubersuggest: https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/

SEO Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide (article): https://neilpatel.com/what-is-seo/

Learn the Best Marketing Strategies and Marketing Techniques for Free (video): https://youtu.be/Z4PbCulOhOA

The first step I want you to type in your URL into the SEO Analyzer.

If you don’t have a URL type in your competitors URL or whatever company you work at, or any random URL.

The SEO Analyzer from Ubersuggest, breaks down all the errors on your site.

The low time, what you can do to improve it, how many SEO errors you have that are critical, warnings, what’s wrong with your content, whether it’s duplicate titles, duplicate method descriptions.

It literally breaks every single thing down for you, it crawls hundreds and hundreds of pages on your site and it tells you what to fix step by step.

It’ll even tell you what URL’s have the problem.

In other words, you don’t have to be that technical to figure this out.

The tool breaks it all down for you step by step, and then once you make the change, it’ll then show you if you fixed it or if you didn’t, and when you fix the changes over time your ranking should just climb.

The second step I want you to do is check out the Traffic Analyzer report on Ubersuggest.

Type in a competitor URL right then and there.

That report breaks down how much traffic your competitors are getting from search from all their pages.

You just have to click over to top pages and it shows you their most popular pieces of content based on estimated visits.

And when you click on view all underestimated visits it shows you each of the keywords that are driving traffic to your competitors top pages.

Now that you figured that out, the third thing I want you to do is to go to that competitor page that’s getting a lot of traffic look at that content.

I want you to create a better version of it.

You leverage Brian Dean’s skyscraper technique which is going above and beyond, they got 2,000 words you’re going to have 4,000 words.

They got articles with images, you got articles with images and videos.

In other words, just go above and beyond, make your content so much better people wouldn’t even dare to visit your competition.

When you do that more people are going to want to share it.

The next thing I want you to do is to go to search.Twitter.com type in your Competitors URL and it’ll show you all of the people that shared your competitors’ article.

Hey John, I noticed you linked an X, Y and Z article.

I have a similar one that just came out but mine covered 1, 2 and 3 that theirs didn’t, cheers Neil.

P.S. if I can do anything for you let me know.

That one simple thing will help you get more traffic.

The more traffic you get the higher chance you’re going to have of people sharing your content and linking to it as well because the more backlinks you get, the more shares you get this all helps with user metrics and overall rankings over time.

The fifth thing I want you to do is to go back to Ubersuggest and put in your competitors URL into the Backlinks report.

They already have a piece of content that’s super popular.

You can see all the people who are linking to that piece of content with the Backlinks report.

I want you to hit up each of those people, and send them a message like this.

By doing that what you’ll find is a lot of people will start linking to you cause your article was way better than theirs, you’re going to get more links more social shares and eventually you’ll even start ranking higher than them.

Now the next thing I want you to do is to focus on user metrics no-one talks about this in SEO.

It’s not just about are you building backlinks, haven’t you had your code optimized?

It’s about what do people think of your site?

Are they bouncing away, is your time on site terrible?

Google looks at these metrics cause they don’t want to just put any site on the top.

It’s not just about hey can I optimize my code, can I optimize my backlinks, can I get more social shares?

It’s about putting out there what people love.

Do all of those things and you can become a better SEO.

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