LinkedIn Advanced Strategies to Turn Business Connections Into Leads & Customers – FREE Course

Today, I want to teach you everything about LinkedIn. I have this new training course that’s a 100% percent free, called LinkedIn Unlocked. Where I teach you everything from getting more followers, to turning your business connections into leads, customers, and more importantly revenue. This is a six part training program, where there’s six videos, and in each video I’m going to also give you handouts, worksheets, cheat sheets, PDFs, everything that you need to follow along so you can get results.

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They have 675 million users and roughly 260 million active users. That’s a lot of people. LinkedIn’s reported goal, is to get to around three billion users. That’s a lot of people to be using a B2B social network. Hence, they’re the number one channel for B2B marketers to distribute their content at 94%.

If you’re not active on LinkedIn, you’re missing 80% of your B2B leads. From all the channels that we’ve tested for B2B, LinkedIn tends to be the best channel. Why? Because there’s nine billion content impressions in the LinkedIn feed every week.

So if you do some basic math that’s about 36 billion impressions per month and 468 billion per year. That’s a lot of eyeballs that could be potentially viewing your content and even sharing it on a weekly basis.

But here’s what’s crazy. Only three million users share content on a weekly basis. That means about 1% of LinkedIn’s 260 million active users are sharing posts, and those three million users or so net nine billion impressions. Isn’t that crazy?

Now, if you become one of them, because most people are, you can see crazy results because it’s not that competitive.

Now in this lesson, I’m just breaking down some of the basic stats on LinkedIn and the benefits. And then from there as I go into the future modules, we’ll dive into more advanced stuff.

So you’re probably wondering what’s the benefit of having the LinkedIn profile? Well, you generate more leads, more exposure. If you’re looking for a job you’re in the workforce it’s a great place to keep getting hit up by recruiters.

You can show off your accomplishments. There’s a lot of big brands on LinkedIn from Google to TED the Conference, Amazon, Microsoft, and the list goes on and on. Even a lot of startups. They’re all on LinkedIn.

And as long as you follow along and you implement what you’re learning you’re going to do well. And as I mentioned earlier on in this lesson, every week and in each video, I’m going to give you worksheets, downloadable assets, actions, and even more. So that way you can follow along step-by-step and a lot of the stuff is fill in the blank.

You literally fill in your name to complete the steps or you fill in your biography or a little bit about you. You don’t actually have to write a full biography but sometimes there’ll be a few sentences about you. And as long as you follow along and follow up everything, you’re going to do really well.

Well, LinkedIn wants you to create content. That’s where they’re going to get people to keep coming back to LinkedIn and using it more and more.

And LinkedIn favors those accounts who leverage every aspect of their platform, including things like LinkedIn Live. You may have used it. You may have not, but you should check it out. You already all know about Facebook Live or Instagram Live or even going live on some of the other networks. But what about LinkedIn as well? And if you use all of this stuff with LinkedIn that’s what allows you to get that reach, get the followers and then eventually I’ll show you how to also convert those followers into real business. Of course, I want you to take your time.

The first worksheet I have for you is a smart goals. It’s all about being specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound. So make sure you download this.

Again you can find this at, then go to LinkedIn Unlocked. And this is in your first video. Right underneath it you’ll find this downloadable asset. As I mentioned over the next two weeks, you’re going to get five additional lessons with worksheets and handouts.

And you’ll be on your way from not only getting a lot of LinkedIn followers but also generating revenue from LinkedIn.

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