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This is the last lesson in week two and technically the last lesson of the course. If you miss any of the other previous lessons, you can find them all at and click on CRO Unlocked.

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Before we go over everything that we learned and some important lessons for you to take away, I want to first start off by reading this quote from Mark Zuckerberg, “At any given point in time, “there isn’t just one version of Facebook running, “there are probably 10,000. “How are people connecting? “How are people sharing? “Do people have more friends in this version? “Of course, business metrics.”

This is very important because if you want to really improve your numbers and your revenue, you got to continue test, whether it’s AB testing, or multi-variant tests, it’s super important. Jeff Bezos himself once said, “If you double the number of experiments you do per year, “you’re going to double your inventiveness.” So continually run tests.” And there’s a lot of big brands that do this. Whether it’s Facebook, Amazon, Google, Disney, Virgin Atlantic, Starbucks, Chipotle, Walgreens, Target, and even a ton of small and medium businesses.

The important takeaway is great businesses are built off of years of iteration. You’re not going to get the results you want with one or two AB tests or even five or 10. You’re going to have to run hundreds over time. And that’s how companies like Toyota are built. It’s a lot of little changes over time. Amazon didn’t just pop up and be a gigantic company.

The right CRO process is to track correct data, research and discover, plan your tasks. and this is super important. You need to really plan and prioritize, design and implement, refine and iterate, and then rinse and repeat.

By doing this, you’ll constantly improve because sometimes you’ll run tests that don’t work out and you need to refine and iterate. or sometimes they work out really well. And typically, as the saying goes, where there’s gold, keep digging. And that’s where you continue to refine and double down and iterate on the stuff that’s working.

I want you to download the CRO Taskmaster Worksheet. This is all the stuff that you need to do to be successful with CRO. You can find this all at, click on CRO Unlocked, it’s in week two, and it’s the last lesson in there. So what do you do next?

Well, make sure after completing this course, you will find the change you need and will apply it to your own website. If you don’t take action and implement everything that you’re learning, well, you’re not going to do as well. And if you’re thinking about doing it manually, you can, but might as well use tools like Crazy Egg.

It works really well to track your heat maps, your revenue. It helps really track your conversion points, what’s driving more revenue, more leads, or more sales, and it tells you and shows you what’s wrong, so you can fix it and constantly do better. Crazy Egg is an industry leading SaaS analytics platform that tracks and optimizes the user experience of more than one billion visitors every single month. That’s a lot of traffic and they serve over 100,000 customers. And Crazy Egg helps with buying behavior and understanding customer psychology.

You can see some of them on the screen here and some more even here. And they have a lot of testimonials of people saying how it’s great. And I just recommend that you just check it out. I use it to grow my conversions as well.

So how do you get the most out of this course? Well, I want you to review this program multiple times over the next 12 months, use the modules as your roadmap, and review them when you get stuck and work with the lessons, the worksheets.

And it doesn’t take you long, spend a few hours here and there, and you’ll be better off compared to not doing anything. And don’t reinvent the wheel. Just keep iterating your sales process and your conversions over time until you reach a million plus in sales, if not 10 million or 100 million, depending what your goals are.

CRO is a valuable skill which will serve you for years to come, especially with the increased cost of ads. So congratulations for completing the course. If you enjoyed it, like the video, share it, tell other people about it. Make sure you sign up for Crazy Egg.

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