My Favorite Marketing Channel (It’s NOT What You Think)

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I’m curious about all of you what your favorite marketing channel is. If you guys had to guess what do you think mine is? Just leave a comment below, let me know. I’m recording this video in advance, so I don’t know what you’re going to leave a comment with. But if I had to guess you’re probably going to say my favorite marketing channel is Google.

By leveraging content marketing, SEO, you rank at the top, you continually get more traffic, and you can do well. But you know what? That is not my favorite marketing channel. My favorite marketing channel is social media marketing. And here’s what’s funny, I make more revenue from Google, I get more traffic from Google, but yet I prefer social media marketing over SEO. And do you want to know why? Because it allows me to connect with you more one-on-one.

The beautiful part about marketing is it’s not just about releasing your message and having people hear it and then trying to make some revenue or some sales. It’s about getting to know your customers, connecting with them, relating to them on a one-on-one basis. And because of social media, I’m able to do that. Whether it’s responding to YouTube comments and connecting with you or Facebook comments, or LinkedIn comments, or even if it’s as simple as responding to my blog comments or getting an email from you guys, or getting a message through WhatsApp.

But here’s the thing, if it weren’t for social media I wouldn’t be able to connect with you guys as much as I’m doing right now. And if I didn’t connect with you guys as much as I’m doing right now I wouldn’t understand your needs, your pain points and I wouldn’t be able to help you solve them. I can’t answer all of them, but I’m going to try, especially when it comes to marketing. And by solving them and understanding what issues you’re having that data and that research allows me to build a better product and service. Yes I’m getting more traffic from Google, and it’s converting better than my traffic from Facebook or YouTube but because I’m connecting with you over social media I’m able to build a better product and service, know what messaging relates to you, optimize my conversions.

And that Google traffic does that much better because I’ve connected with you on social media and I have this understanding of what you’re looking for. When someone comes to your site from Google, you don’t get an understanding of what they’re looking for. They don’t open up and tell you everything. Sure, you could run surveys using SurveyMonkey and get some of this data, but it’s not the same as social media is. That’s why I truly love social media. So when you’re thinking about marketing don’t think about channels based on how much money they’re making you. I want you to think about channels as what kind of value that they’re providing.

And for me, that value, a lot of it, comes to that one-on-one relationship that I’m building with people like you over social media. And in addition to that here’s what most people don’t tell you. It doesn’t matter if someone’s an expert, whether it’s an Elon Musk, or a Gary Vaynerchuk, or Tony Robbins they’re learning from you as well. For example, when I release a video or I release a status update and you guys give me feedback or tell me what I’m doing wrong, that makes me better as an individual.

No one is perfect. You look at people like Elon Musk. He’s had his ups and downs with Tesla. Overall he’s come through and done alright. But no matter how smart you are you’re going to make mistakes. And social media’s an amazing place because not only are you connecting with people but they’re giving you feedback, and they’re helping you improve as an individual as well.

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