One Simple Hack To Leverage Social Media When You Have no Money or Followers

You have no money, you have no followers, there’s no way you can leverage social media, right? It’s only for the big sites. Today I’m going to share with you one simple hack for you to leverage social media when you have no followers and you have no money.



Anyone who says that you need money to leverage social media is full of it.

I don’t care if you don’t have money to spend on ads, you can still do well with social media. Now, I’m going to share with you one hack that you can use and this will allow you to do well with social media, again, if you have no traffic, you have no money, you have no followers.

Now, after I break in how you do this, the first version I’m going to give you is with the paid tool that costs $99 a month.

I’m also, after that, going to break down how you can do it for free but make sure you listen step-by-step to how you do it with the paid version because you’re going to need some of that stuff even if you don’t pay for the tool because there is a free way to do it so let’s get started.

What is this hack? Well, it’s through writing content first.

If you don’t write content first, there’s not much you can promote on the social web.

Now, with social media, you don’t need followers, you don’t need to promote to your own account.

You can get other people who have a social following to promote for you.

Hey, that will probably get you more traffic than if you promoted on your own profile when you have very little to no followers and no money.

So, what I like doing is, I first, and this, again, is the paid version, the hack, I first go to I put in a keyword, I look at all the most popular blog posts.

It will show me what people are writing on, what they’re sharing, what people link to, what they like, what they don’t like. In other words, it tells me if you write content like this, you’ll do well. If you don’t write content like this, you probably won’t do as well. In other words, writing more of the stuff that people are already sharing is better for you than writing stuff that no-one really wants to share.

People are less likely to copy you and then you integrate some fancy design through, like, Fiverr, you know, pay someone a few bucks to make some animated gifs or design, visualize things,
or if you don’t even want that, you can use free tools like Canva, so now you got your amazing content.

You want to go back to Buzzsumo and look at the original article and clicked on view shares. This will show you all the people who shared that original piece of content. Then I want you to go to all those people on Twitter, Google for their email address, you’ll find a lot of them, and I want you to message them.

In addition to that, if someone already shared one article that’s similar to yours but yours is five, 10 times better, don’t you think they’d be more willing to share your article?

The free way of doing it is, you, instead of using Buzzsumo, use Ubersuggest, you type in a keyword and there’s a content ideas report.

The content ideas report shows you all the blog posts are popular and, unlike Buzzsumo, it will show you more than just 10 or 20, it shows you an unlimited list pretty much for free and it shows you who linked to those articles. It doesn’t show you who shared it though but it shows you what keywords the article ranks for and who’ve linked to it.

I take that URL, I put it into and it will show me all the people who tweeted out or shared that article.

I then go hit them up, find their email address and copy the same process.

It works, my team still leverages it for our clients, that’s why I know it works so well and you should do it too.

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