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Welcome to another day of “eCommerce Unlocked” Today, we’re going to be breaking down SEO and content production. This is going to be a really fun exercise because there’s multiple ways of doing content production for eCommerce, and I’m going to be going over all of them.

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But first let’s go over mobile-first indexing. Because we’re all on mobile devices, you’re seeing more and more people searching from mobile devices, whether they’re out and about, or at work, or walking down the street, or heck sometimes even when they’re in a car, hopefully not when they’re driving though. You want to make sure that your website is designed for both mobile devices and desktop devices.

So I want you to keep a few things in mind. Does your content really need to be that long? A lot of people are like, hey, I want to produce three, four, or 5,000 word articles. Well, if you can get the same message across in 500 words, then make it 500 words.

I want you to go to Ubersuggest.com, that’ll take you to the Neil Patel website, put in your URL and click on the Site Audit report in the left-hand navigation. And it’ll look at your website from a responsive version, and make sure that you’re loading in the most efficient way, and even tell you what you need to fix.

Now, this lesson is about mainly content and SEO. So after you get your website mobile-friendly, you need to produce content if you want to rank really well. And there’s multiple different types of content that you can produce. And in a moment, I’m going to break down all of them, and how you can maximize your traffic from each of them.

So let’s first go over ranking product pages. I want you to go to Ubersuggest again, type in keywords for your products. In the left-hand navigation click on Keyword Ideas. And this will give you a big list of keywords that you can go after. Make note of the type of keywords that are really good for blog posts, and make note of the other ones that are really good for let’s say product pages.

When you’re using Ubersuggest, I also want you to really look at the search volume. The more, typically the better.

Also analyze the competition, the lower the SD or SEO difficulty, which is what SD stands for, the easier it is to rank.

Also look at the cost per click. If the cost per click is higher, well, that’ll tell you that this keyword tends to do better.

Now, if you have a new eCommerce site, you won’t see really much data here, but if you type in your competition you can see all the keywords that they’re ranking for, and you can use this report for that, because it’ll give you ideas of what’s working for them, and what probably will work for you.

I also want you to go back to the keyword ideas report, and look at the prepositions, the suggestions, the related keywords, the questions, comparisons.

Also, I want you to go to the Site Audit report within Ubersuggest on the left-hand navigation, because as it’s crawling your site, you can see all the URLs, the errors, the warnings, your meta tags, if you have any low quality backlinks or broken ones, and then you can go and fix all of them. And you want to fix them because if you don’t fix them, you won’t rank as high.

With SEO, it’s not about doing one or two things well, it’s about doing all the little things extremely well. So when you have a band up website, that’s when you see better results.

As for your on-site listing optimization, titles, bullets, descriptions, and keywords, that’s really, really important. The category pages right now are dominating such, from category and even listing pages.

There’s also another thing that I want you to do, I want you to be found in Google Shopping, and you can shop for free. Just go to the URL on this slide, follow the steps, and you’ll start getting loved more by Google.

It all starts with research, then you go into editing phase, then draft review, then editing, and of course, then you’re ready again. So let’s break them down. For the research phase you can just use Ubersuggest, as I mentioned, you can put in any keyword, it’ll show you all the ideas.

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