Start Selling 20% More Online in Less Than 10 Minutes | Growth Hack Your eCommerce

Today I’m going to teach you how to start selling 20% more online in less than 10 minutes. So let’s get started.


Why should you sell online? Well if you’re already selling online, I’m really happy for you. COVID has actually boost these numbers by three to five years in advance, but roughly two plus billion people are buying online. That’s roughly 25% of the world’s population and is rapidly increasing.

So what is user journey? And it’s made down into three main components, experience, structure and functionality, and we’re going to go over them in a bit.

The customer journey funnel is pretty much understand your customers, a lot of that happens with keyword research, then you want to see how they behave on your website, and then of course you want to track and improve the experience that way people keep coming back and they buy from you.

You can use tools like Crazy Egg to see all of this, and that’ll help you improve the overall experience.

So first off, make your site with a simple navigation.

So you want to keep things simple, not too messy, because what will happen is, if it is messy, people will stop engaging with your content. 38% of people stop engaging with the website if the content or layout is unattractive.

Another thing that I really love is using filters. So if you don’t have filters on your website, I want you to go and add them.

The next tip I have for you and this is one of my favorite ones that I’ve seen actually the biggest impact from this which is to just use advanced search.

So the easy solution that we use at our company is called Doofinder. And what we find is it usually increases sales roughly by 20%, because not only does it make your search more advanced, its still really easy and simple to use but their algorithm is really complex in a good way.

The users don’t experience anything that’s complex but the algorithm is quite sophisticated and advanced, so in that way, when people are searching they’re seeing the right stuff and what they’re looking for.

And what they’ll do is when people are looking for stuff and they’re not buying certain items, they won’t show that as much as the items that people want to buy and are purchasing.

My favorite feature with Doofinder is they offer something similar to Google Suggests. So that anytime you search on Google it’ll give you a list of other terms that are similar, and the same thing happens on YouTube and heck even Amazon. It’s super effective in commerce and Doofinder will add that to your website.

And if you have search and ideally advanced search like Doofinder, when someone types in something generic like sneakers, there could be a lot of results, Doofinder will look at what are people buying and clicking on in the past that other people like that are similar, and they’ll show them those items first, because it knows that, that’s what’s going to increase your sales and maximize your conversion rate and revenue.

So how do advanced search just help increase conversions? So let’s dive in. 30% of visitors will perform an insight search if there is a search engine box present, and not just on a page, but an area that is easily findable.

And according to Moz, they found that companies conversion rates nearly doubled from 2.77 to 4.63 for people who use onsite search and found what they were looking for.

And if you’re not convinced advanced search has also been shown to increase average ticket size by 5% and average visit time for users by roughly 10%.

You could try to program something and hire developer and try to do it all manually, or you can just use a tool like Doofinder.

The fourth tip I have for you and this worked really well for one of my companies, you want to make your checkout process simple.

When you’re optimizing your checkout process, I also want you to think about the mobile experience because more people are using mobile devices these days than they are using desktop computers or laptops to browse the web.

But if you do all these little things you can easily get a 20 plus percent lift in revenue. So I recommend doing things like optimize your checkout, use tools like Doofinder. Also limit your navigational options, and of course, leverage filters.

That way people don’t have to browse thousands of products to find the one that they want to buy. They can just easily find what they’re looking for and check out right away.

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