The Advanced SEO Formula That Helped Me Rank For 477,000 Keywords

The Advanced SEO Formula That Helped Me Rank For 477,000 Keywords || If you think you’re in a competitive niche and the SEO strategies that I’m sharing won’t work for you, think again. What do you think is the most competitive niche out there? It’s SEO. I’m competing with other SEOs who know exactly what I know but check this out. I’m ranking for over 477,000 keywords and I’m getting over 2.2 million unique visitors per month. And today, I’m going to share the exact formula that I use to keep growing my website. Today I’m going to break down the advanced SEO formula that helped me rank for 477,000 keywords.

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The first step that you need to take if you want to rank for keywords is to focus on the pages that drive revenue: product pages, service pages, and content pages.

A lot of people want to optimize just for the sake of getting more traffic. Ranking for more keywords that don’t drive revenue doesn’t really matter. So if you haven’t set up goal tracking and conversion tracking in your Google analytics, make sure you do that now.

So once you’ve figured out the pages that drive your revenue, the second step that you need to take is to log into Google Search Console. See what the keywords are that are driving traffic to those pages. See the keywords that aren’t giving you a lot of clicks, but have a lot of impressions, right? Look for keywords that have less than a 5% click-through rate.

Then once you export them, sort them by impression count and click count. Also, look at the rankings. Look at the ones that aren’t ranking as high. Keywords that are in positions one, two and three.

According to ClickFlow, which optimizes title tags on a daily basis through their software. They found that through research of over 5 million title tags, that if you’re in position seven, eight, nine or ten, moving up a few spots doesn’t do much of a difference.

The next step, I want you to take all those keywords and then add them into your content, whether it’s your title tag, your meta description, you’re adjusting your content to include those keywords.

If you don’t do that, what you’ll find is your rankings won’t go up much more. And there are a few hacks that you can do to increase your clicks as well, which then boost your rankings.

The next thing I want you to do is to head on over to Ubersuggest and type in all the keywords that you rank for.

And you’re going to have to do this one by one. Now once you head over to Ubersuggest click on the keyword ideas report. It’ll show you all the long tail variations of that keyword that also drive traffic and are popular.

Now you don’t want to just shove those keywords in. You want to adjust your content and make sure it makes sense. If it doesn’t make sense for the user, it’s not relevant. Don’t add them in.

Now the last tip I have for you is going back into Search Console. See all the pages that have some traffic, but very little traffic.

In other words, most of the keywords that they’re ranking for are on page two or page three and what you’ll want to do is see what other pages on your site are very relevant to that page that’s ranking on page two or page three for most of the terms, and see if you can interlink them together. By interlinking your pages together, the juice starts flowing and you’ll find that it starts bringing up all your pages.

They start ranking higher and as they start ranking higher, you’re thinking, Hey Neil, this is just increasing my rankings. This isn’t helping me rank for more keywords.

Well, once those keywords start ranking higher and higher, you can go back and do the previous step in which you take the keywords that are ranking higher, put them back into Ubersuggest, find all the long-tail variations, and then boom, you adjust the page to include those terms as well.

So if you follow all of that, you’ll notice that you’re going to start ranking for more and more keywords over time. Best of all, you don’t have to do link building.

It’s one of the simplest strategies that I’ve been using, and this is how I’ve grown my traffic over the years. Most people continue to write more and more new content. I’ll only write one blog article a week, but my team adjusts 90 blog posts per month on our site.

That’s how effective this strategy is. It’s more effective than writing new content.

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