The Best Traffic Hack (Works Even If You’re a Complete Newbie)

Today I’m going to share with you the best traffic hack.


Google Search Console:

Now, as you can see on my screen, this is my Google Search Console account for You can see my traffic stats from Google. And I want you to look at my top pages. What do you notice here?

This is Ubersuggest. This is Ubersuggest in Portuguese. This is a blog post on, this is in Portuguese, so I’m going to guess it’s related to something with Instagram, because Instagram’s a URL. This is my homepage. This URL is a SEO analyzer which is a tool. This is a blog post on Instagram. This is a post on affiliate marketing.

And you can see there’s quite a few posts, that are related to Instagram, but, look outside of that. What else do you see here that’s really intriguing when it comes to my traffic? Especially look at the big numbers. The big numbers are actually going to tool pages. If you look at the top five pages, three of them are tools. Just think about that. 60% of my top five pages are tool oriented.

And you can put in a URL. And again, it’ll just crawl a website and tell you SEO errors. But you’ll notice something that’s quite interesting when I end up showing you all my tools and I have a lot of tools I get traffic such as my SEO analyzer, heck even A/B testing calculator, backlinks tool. And as you can see there is, you know just a lot of traffic here.

Now let’s look at this A/B testing calculator for a minute. If I go to pages, page, let’s type in ab-testing, hopefully it comes up pretty quick, all right. So as you can see here, not bad, 28,000 clicks over to my website in the last three months. That’s not bad all from a tool. See unlike content, I don’t have to keep updating it. I don’t have to keep writing news up. This tool, I haven’t updated probably in three plus years.

And you’re probably thinking, “Hey Neil, I don’t have the budget to create tools like you.” In the long run funny enough, it’s cheaper than creating content. And I’m going to actually show you a hack on how to actually place these tools on your website without spending any development resources.

Now keep in mind, you’re not going to do as well as my Ubersuggest tool. And let me remove it here so that the A/B testing tool got roughly 20,000 clicks over three months. Ubersuggest of course, got a lot more, but that’s because it’s custom, but still 28,000 clicks is a lot. And you can have a lot of little tools that get 20,000 clicks. So how do you do it without developing it or spending a ton of money? Well, there’s actually the site called CodeCanyon.

I’m going to go to it right now, where you going to end up buying tools and placing them on your website. And they’re not labeled as CodeCanyon’s tools or Envato market, I don’t know how to say that word. They’ll be labeled as your tool. So I’m in the SEO niche. So I can type in SEO, and let’s see what shows up. 837 potential tools. That’s a lot, right? Look, SEOHunt, SEO Redirect Pro, SEO Propeller, advanced SEO analysis tool that you can end up placing on your website.

This could be cool placing it on my website that could drive traffic, portal CRM pro, let’s get more specific. So sometimes surgeries won’t go the way you want and let’s type in mortgage calculator. because if you’re in real estate, probably you want a mortgage calculator on your website. Yeah, look, there’s tons of them. $32, you know, 16 bucks, tax savings on mortgage calculator. You can add in all these calculators on your website and it can drive a lot of traffic.

And then literally you just download ’em, install them, and then boom, within seconds, they’re on your website. So you can end up creating tools technically for pennies on dollar because you don’t have to create them. Add them to your website and boom you’re off into the races.

And they lably have tools on every single industry. I can type in cars, you know, and there’ll be a ton of results for cars, 874. Now, again, they all won’t be relevant, but yeah, the ones that are can drive you a ton of traffic.

So I recommend not just doing stuff for mere marketing or going live on these social sites or creating content or building links. Yeah, those are all great forms of marketing but why not add tools to your website? You don’t have to create ’em.

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