The Most Effective Ways to Market Your Business With No Budget

Who says you need money to get traffic to your website? Today, I’m going to break down the most effective ways to market your business with no budget. I’m going to break down some of the easiest ways to get traffic when you have no money.


The first strategy, SEO. What I want you to do is just start off by writing content and sharing it on the social web. If you don’t know what content to write, what I want you to do is go to Ubersuggest, type in any keywords related to your industry, click on the content ideas report in the left-hand navigation and it’ll show you all the articles that are popular based on social shares and it will show you based on backlinks.

Once you write your content, because this is, you know, you’re basing off other popular piece of content, that’ll give you the idea. And then what I want you to do once yours is out, hit up all the people that share the other articles or link to it, Ubersuggest provides a lot of this data, reach out to them and ask them to share your content.

Second strategy, Google My Business. It’s one of the easiest ways for local businesses to get more traffic and higher rankings. So, make sure you submit yourself to Google My Business.

Another strategy that I love is PR, and you’re probably wondering, hey Neil, I don’t have the budgets to go hire a big PR firm. How do I get all this free PR?

Well, the way you get this free PR is a site called HARO, Help A Reporter Out. What HARO does is, it’s a community of reporters that are saying, hey, I have questions around all these topics, is there anyone who can help me answer them? And if you answer them, what it’ll do is, they’ll be like, oh, thank you. And they’ll include you in the article and that gets you publicity, which can get you traffic and sales.

Another strategy that I love is public speaking. Even though it doesn’t drive that many sales, you’re building a relationship with other people. And if I’m giving a speech in front of an audience, those people are super qualified, when I tell them about my website, they go to it and it can generate some sales.

Another strategy that I love is guest posting and cold outreach. What I mean by this is, if you can go and guest post on popular sites that have your audience already, you can generate sales.

Another strategy that I love is Facebook groups. There’s so many groups, there’s groups on literally everything. So I want you to participate.And then, whenever you have a product or service that’s related, then you can mention it, but make sure you’re participating first and giving more than asking.

Next, I want you to leverage email marketing. There’s a saying that goes in the marketing industry, the money’s in the list, it’s your digital ATM machine. So, collect emails. Educate 80% of the time when you’re sending out emails, and promote and sell your products 10 to 20% of the time.

Another strategy, video marketing. Any time you create video, upload it to YouTube, Instagram TV, Instagram Reels, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, the possibilities are endless. Because you already have followers and friends on all these social sites, uploading content, video content, just does well.

Then you have infographics. If you go back to the content ideas report within Ubersuggest, so you go to and then put in a keyword related to your industry, you go to the content ideas report in the left-hand navigation. You’ll see a list of all the popular articles within your industry. You can then go create infographics based on some of those topics and you can use tools like Canva to help you create those for free, and then reach out to all the people that link to that article, which shows you in the content ideas report, right?

Another strategy that I love using is applying for a business award. It doesn’t give you as many visitors as you would like, but it gives you that credibility, which helps improve your conversion rate. And it does improve word of mouth marketing as well. And then, I recommend partnerships with other brands.

It’s all great ways to increase your sales. Now, if you need help with your marketing or more ideas, check out my ad agency, NP Digital, where we help companies succeed online. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. I’m here to help. If you enjoyed the video, like it, share it, tell other people about it, subscribe to the channel. Thank you for your time.

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