The Number One Reason 99% of Your Visitors Don’t Buy from You [Fast Conversion Rate Optimization]

Today I’m going to share with you the number one reason 99% of your visitors don’t buy anything from you. If you’re struggling with Conversion Rate Optimization, I have the key to getting more of your traffic on your website converting into customers.

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The reason most of your traffic doesn’t convert is that you look at quantitative data.

What quantitative data is Google Analytics data, you go on to Google Analytics, you look at your traffic you’re like oh this is the pages people are leaving off, this is why they’re not converting and you know,

Maybe I’ll do something or run some AB test and boost up my converters.

But that doesn’t work, what you need to do is first off look at qualitative data.

What qualitative data is you talking to other people, surveying them, whether using tools like SurveyMonkey, or any of the survey tools out there like Hotjar, that’ll help you get in touch with people who are your potential customers and figure out what issues they have with your product, your service, your website, your copy, your landing pages.

Once you got 40, 50, 60 people giving you similar feedback, now you know what to focus on first to get more of those visitors to convert into customers.

Then, once you have that, I want you to go to sites like Crazyegg and use it to run a heat map study of your site, it’ll show you where people click, where they don’t, what pages they’re going to, where they’re converting, this will show you as well as with that qualitative data that you got the roadblocks you have on your website that are stopping people from converting.

Not just numbers, but visual data that’ll show you what’s stopping people from converting.

You combine the two and then you run AB tests which is the next step in Crazyegg, you will then be able to run tests to solve these problems which should then boost your overall conversions.

Most people take the opposite approach of which they just run AB tests based off their Google Analytics data and that’s why they run all these tests that don’t boost their conversion rates.

Heck, in many cases they’ll decrease your conversion rate and that’s when you lose money.

So if you follow that process, you’ll do better off.

Now the last tip I have for you is you need to focus on getting the right type of traffic.

You’ve got all this traffic, you’re like people aren’t buying well yeah, you don’t wanna just look at your traffic in Google Analytics, are you getting that right kind of traffic?

Here’s how you know what kind of traffic converts.

You go to Ubersuggest, you type in your main competitor URLs the ones that you know that are bigger than you, making more money, paying money on paid ads.

You’ll put in their URL to Ubersuggest, you’ll see an overview page, scroll down, click on Top Pages, this will show you all the top pages your competitors have and when you click on estimated visits, there’s a View All button, click on that, it’ll show you all the keywords that are driving traffic to your competitors sites.

It’ll show you their cost per click, the SEO difficulty, and even how many visitors they’re getting from each of those keywords.

Go after the keywords that are driving a lot of traffic, have a high cost per click and a low SEO score or SEO difficulty, those are the ones that are in the sweet spot, you go after them, you’ll get traction faster and those are money keywords because if people wanna pay a lot of money for a keyword, that means those visitors convert into customers.

If you notice a keyword drives a million visits but people only pay a penny per click, it means that no-one cares for that keyword due to the fact that it doesn’t convert into customers.

That’s how you get more of your visitors to convert into customers, that’s the secret.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below I’ll answer them and of course please like the video, share it, comment, anything you can do to help spread the word I would appreciate it.

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