The Truth About Funnel Hacking: Is it Possible to Copy Someone Else’s Business Model?

The Truth About Funnel Hacking: Is it Possible to Copy Someone Else’s Business Model? // You see all these people making millions of dollars from their business. So if you copy them, can’t you do the same? People nowadays say that, “Hey, you can copy someone else’s funnel, take the exact thing and then you’re off into the races.”

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So, if you can do that, can you make millions like all these people too? Well, the short answer is no, but the long answer is yes.

Now, let me explain this.

Just because you copy someone’s funnel, doesn’t mean you’re going to do as well as them.

Sometimes it’s their personality, sometimes it’s their voice; there’s other factors that you can’t control.

Sometimes they’re better at driving traffic.

If you don’t have the traffic going to your funnel, you’re not going to make any money.

It doesn’t matter if it’s identical to their funnel.

So, if you want to create a business that does well and you want to copy or use someone else’s funnel, how should you go about it?

Well first, don’t just copy their funnel.

What you want to do is look at their funnel and understand why they created it like that.

Do they have up sales and down sales?

What are the up sales and down sales?

Do they help people get the results faster?

If they don’t, then you want to make sure that your funnel has up sales and down sales that make people get the results faster.

By understanding the funnel, the journey that you’re taking people through, you can get a better understanding of what people want before you sell them.

If you don’t know what people want, no matter what funnel you’re going to copy, you’re not going to do well.

The second thing you need to look at is how relevant are your readers and your visitors versus theirs?

Are they really related?

Are they not that related?

If they’re really related, there’s a higher chance that copying that funnel will work.

If they’re not that related, copying their funnel has no guarantee that it will be a success for you.

The third thing you want to look at is can you sustain the ad cost.

Most people who are using funnels are leveraging YouTube, they’re leveraging Facebook ads and sure, you can also run YouTube and Facebook ads and you can even spy on their ads, but if you spy on their ads and you create the same ones, there’s no guarantee that it’ll work right away.

They may have things like Lookalike Audiences that you don’t have uploaded.

All these things impact their ROY and it may make it harder for you to generate the same ROY from ads.

Now, it doesn’t mean you can’t get to where they are, it just more so means:do you have the cash flow to sustain it?

It may take a few months before you can get there and if you don’t have the cash flow to sustain it, copying their funnel in most cases won’t work.

And last but not least, just copying blatantly is a bad idea because it takes a lot of work and a lot of time to copy someone.

You need to look at their marketing and their funnel and start taking little segments of it and test it in your business.

If you find that it’s working, then you know that hey, you can do more of it, you can copy them more.

It’s all about doing things like adding the up sales, the down sales and if they have that and you know it’s working for them, that could be the first thing that you test.

If you find that they’re doing webinars and that’s working really well for them, the first thing you could test is just throwing up a simple webinar.

It doesn’t have to be as complex as theirs, doesn’t have to convert as well, but if you find that your audience likes a webinar and it’s converting, now you know that part of the funnel, that tactic works for your audience as well.

So as long as you implement those tips, yes you could copy someone else’s funnel and you do have a good shot at generating an ROY.

There’s no guarantee, but typically, if you copy someone’s funnel and they’re in the exact same space, you’re visitors are very related to their visitors, it should convert as well.

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