The Worst SEO Advice Ever! (That You May Be Following)

The Worst SEO Advice Ever! (That You May Be Following) // The problem with SEO is there’s way too much noise out there and you could be picking the wrong tactic. And you know what? If I had to put a dollar against this, I would bet that you actually are picking one of the wrong tactics.

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They all say that the more content you create, the better content you create, the better off you’re going to do.

That’s a bunch of bologna.

If you don’t believe me, go write 1,000 blog posts.

Tell me what happens.

I bet you what will happen is your traffic will go up, but a very little amount and even if it does go up more than you expected, I bet you very few of those visitors are going to even convert into sales.

In other words, just writing content doesn’t guarantee success.

Check out the Neil Patel blog.

If you notice I only create one text-based article per week, that’s it.

You got it right.

One text-based article per week.

You’re probably wondering Neil, why are you only releasing one a week?

Well, I know that there’s a ton of content out there.

There’s already a billion blogs.

That’s roughly one blog for every seven people.

That’s too many blogs, that’s too much content.

So instead of focusing on writing a ton of content like everyone else, I spend my time focusing on promoting the content.

Write one piece of content, make sure it’s good, but spend the majority of your time, the 80-20 rule.

Take 80% of your time promoting the content, 20% writing it.

When you do that you’ll find that you get way more traction and if you look at my blog, I’m getting two million plus unique visitors a month.

Out of those two million visitors, they come back on average two times.

I’m getting roughly four million visits a month.

And those four million visits are generating six million page views.

And I’m doing all of that just by writing one piece of content per week.

Sure, in the past I may have created more content, but I’ve learned that content isn’t king.

What’s king is promotion and the reason promotion is the king is there’s already too much content.

If you look at Neil Patel, you’ll notice I’ve been doing things like Uber Suggest.

That’s my free marketing tool.

Probably wondering wait, why am I spending so much money and time creating this free marketing tool?

Well, it’s because there is way too much competition in content generation.

There’s not a ton of competition doing things like creating free marketing tools to get traffic or doing things like creating marketing videos like I’m doing right now or doing things like creating podcasts as I do with Marketing School.

In essence, yes, content is still great.

But you should spend more time promoting and there are other ways to get the traffic that are more scalable and more affordable in the long run.

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