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I’m excited to announce another course; content marketing unlocked. This course is going to teach you how to grow your traffic through content marketing. It works for all different types of business, doesn’t matter if you’re B2B, B2C, e-commerce, services, consulting, freelancer, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, you can use content marketing to get more traffic through social media and SEO.

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Do you want more traffic through content marketing, do you want higher rankings on Google, do you want more social traffic? Define what you’re looking for, so that way you can keep that in mind throughout the whole course.

Now, anytime you do a Google search, you’ll notice that the content is in the middle of the results. At the top tends to be ads or product ads or any type of ads. There is also, in some cases, local listing ads. But in the middle is organic SEO results. This is what you don’t have to pay for. These results are typically earned through content or content marketing.

The benefits of content marketing, you’re going to get a ton of value in goodwill to people, and by doing that, you’re going to build a much more loyal brand, you’re going to have people coming back, you’re going to build that virality, that word of mouth, it’s going to help you increase your organic traffic on Google, it’s going to help you increase your social media traffic, it may even cause speaking engagements, like I’ve gotten book deals, investment opportunities, people coming to you trying to invest in you, you’ll also of course get leads and more sales as well. If you want to do well, you got to think about what Google wants.

Google wants high quality content that people love, that’s what they want to rank. They don’t want to rank it because this is what Google has deemed important, they want to rank that type of content because Google has deemed that that’s what people want.

Remember, Google adjust their algorithm to what people want, what their searchers want. And their searchers want high quality content that people love and can take action on. Now, during this course, you’re going to end up learning a lot. It’s broken down into four modules, one module per week. I’m going to teach you everything on, hey, what is content marketing, how does it work? To how to create content, to how to market it, how to leverage all those channels out there, how to repurpose your content, and much, much more.

The big part that people mistake when it comes to content marketing is just not about creating content, you also have to do the marketing as well. It’s the only way that you’re going to get loved by Google.

The program structure, you already know, it’s over four weeks, three lessons a week. You’re going to be implementing your learnings each week. If you put in the time, you will get results. The assignments, the worksheets, the cheat sheets, assessments, whatever you want to call them, they don’t take too long. You can typically fill them out and do a lot of them within 15, 20 minutes.

And when you’re going throughout the whole content marketing unlocked course, take your time with the videos, pause where you need to, re-watch if you have to as well, because if you do things right, you can get amazing results.

So some action items for you, go do the goals worksheet, and the second one is download the course itinerary so you can get a real good overview of what you’re going to learn over the next four weeks. And you can get this all at neilpatel.com/training, click on content marketing unlocked.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to know how to build shareworthy content, and on top of that, get that traffic to that content so people can see it and convert that traffic into leads or sales, so that way you’re generating revenue.

The key to content marketing is to make sure you’re consistent. If you’re consistent over the long run, you are going to be successful. I look forward to helping you grow your traffic through content marketing.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below. We’re here to help you, I’ll answer it.

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