Welcome to the Instagram Unlocked: From 0 to 100,000 Followers – New Neil Patel Course

Today I’m going to teach you how to go from zero to a hundred thousand followers on Instagram in less than a year.

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Before we get started, to give you a rough idea, I know you want to do well on Instagram, but you’re not going to achieve results unless you go through the scores fully, you don’t skip ahead, you want to go through it step by step, video by video, you got to take notes.

You got to make sure you execute on every little detail. If you do that, it’s not hard, there’s only six videos. If you do that, you’ll start getting loved by Instagram. And you’ll notice that your follower account grows, not just with those quote unquote fake followers, but I’m talking about real followers that comment, engage, buy. Those are the ones you want and those are the ones that I’m going to to teach you how to get.

Some quick facts about Instagram, founded in 2010, in April, 2012, Facebook acquired the service for roughly a billion dollars in cash and stock. The total number of monthly active users is over a billion and 68% of people come to Instagram to interact with creators.

I look at Instagram as a place where I also get a lot of data, and feedback, and inspiration from creators as well as influencers. And it’s so effective that companies and marketers have spent anywhere from 25 grand to a hundred grand on influencer marketing each year, and that number is going up and that money is mainly being spent by companies right now on Instagram over telling influencers to post on let’s say Facebook.

And there’s even some influencers like the Kardashians that get hundreds and hundreds and thousands of dollars. There’s some that probably command up to a million plus dollars. I don’t know of any of them, but there must be some that command over a million dollars, but there’s many of them that easily rake in a hundred plus thousand dollars per post. Some business facts for you on Instagram, the number of likes per day is 4.2 billion.

Just think about that, 4.2 billion. There’s roughly 7 billion people in this world. So 4.2 billion, that’s a lot of like, sure, not everyone is doing likes, but there’s some people who are liking a lot of images. And Instagram generates over 20 billion dollars in ad revenue per year.

Current valuation is over a hundred billion dollars and it now has more than 25 million business profiles and more than 2 million monthly active advertisers. That’s a lot. That’s why they’re such a popular site. According to SimilarWeb, it’s the fifth plus most popular site in the world, it’s amazing.

And when you look at the United States, estimate is 75.3% of businesses are on Instagram. And that number is increasing overtime at a rapid pace. So if you’re not on Instagram, you got to join. And if you’re already on Instagram, don’t worry, I’m going to show you how to become popular.

Now, this course focuses on getting to a hundred thousand followers. If you have more than a hundred thousand followers, sure, this course is going to teach you some stuff, but it’s really more valuable to the people who are going from zero or even in the thousands to a hundred thousand and beyond.

If you’re trying to get to a million, 2 million followers, this course probably won’t help you as much, as I mentioned, it’s really to help you get to your first hundred thousand followers.

So as long as you follow everything, you’ll start seeing better and better results. I also mentioned that there are six videos, you’re going to get a video roughly once every two days. And you can find all the videos at neilpatel.com/training, click on Instagram Unlocked and start following along. And this is what you’re going to learn during those six videos.

We just went over getting started, the basic fundamentals of Instagram, some facts and data. Then you’re going to go over profile foundation. Then we’ll go over content types, case studies, marketing hacks, and behind-the-scenes. My favorite lesson is going to be Instagram marketing hacks, I think you’re going to love that one as well.

I hope you accomplish your goal, as long as you start and you do everything that I’m telling you, you will see results.

I look forward to helping you out and you can also go to neilpatel.com/training, click on Instagram to down all the worksheets, files, PDFs along with each video.

So that way, you have data, worksheets, and cheat sheets that help you with each and every single task so that you can get the results even faster.

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