What I’m Watching (Right Now)

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Think of it this way. My TV is always on. Netflix is always on, or I have Comcast or Xfinity whatever house I’m in. We pay for all the TV channels, all the movie channels, all the sports channels. If I’m traveling, there’s always a TV on the plane, these days at least. And I fall asleep to the TV every single night. I don’t pay attention to the TV through all the time. I need it for distraction and noise. If you look at what I watch, most of the time, I’m watching CNN or MSNBC. I’m trying to find out what’s happening in the corporate world or the world.

I watch the news at night – local news. I’m always curious. Sometimes people are telling me “Oh no! why are you watching the news? “It’s so depressing!” It’s reality as well. I want to hear the good, and I want to hear the not-so-good news. It’s just fake to be like “Everything’s good!” TV’s an easy medium to get information while you’re working. See everyone’s like “Oh, you can get news faster through Twitter.” Well, yeah, you have to be on Twitter. If I’m working, I don’t want to switch screens and pull up my phone “Huh, what’s on Twitter?” go through and spend five, 10 minutes. I can be working, listening to the television, and know what’s happening.

Heck, I watch most movies and shows, binge-watch, while I’m working. I may have to watch them two or three times to get the synopsis, because it’s like, I miss a lot of stuff while I’m working, but that’s how I watch a lot of TV, and I get a ton of work done. Dude, I don’t go into the office often, but Mike, my co-founder who runs the business, he’s the CEO, he knows, that if there were an office for me or anything they would have to put a couch and a TV, a cable TV, because, I work on a sofa with television.

That’s how I operate. I just put in a projector with a 120-inch screen in my living room. It goes in from my ceiling. Just because I love TV so much. Oh yeah, might as well get it in full-screen because I spend so much time on the couch.

If they say it rots your brains, I call lies. I’ve done alright. I watch a ton of TV. But if you only watch TV and don’t do anything else, yes, it rots the brain. Make sure you’re productive. I watch BBC a lot, CNN. I try to watch productive stuff versus a ton of TV shows and series.

I don’t even know all the names of all the Kardashians. I know that they’re famous and they make a ton of money tweeting, Instagramming or whatever it is.

So if you like this video – like, comment, share – I do appreciate it. And if I can ever do anything to help you out genuinely, even if it’s giving you some advice, I don’t care for the money, leave a comment below, and I will do my best to help you out and answer all your questions. Thank you for watching.

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