WHAT is Data Protection? 4 (Simple) Tips to Get Your Company GDPR Compliant

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0:10 If you guys aren’t familiar with this, GDPR came out and what it is is for the whole European Union that’s all about data rights and privacy to protect individuals like you. Now here’s the thing, if you don’t comply with GDPR laws and you’re doing business within the European Union, you can get fined millions of dollars.

0:30 It depends on what the, what rule you’ve broken, and based on that, the penalty is going to change. But it’s well into the millions, sometimes seven million, 10 million, 20 million, the fees are ridiculous. So you want to make sure that you’re complying with GDPR rules.

1:10 What is GDPR Tip #1
If you’re collecting emails, which most websites are, whether it’s the checkout page or whether it’s an e-book or an opt-in, you can’t just go and email these people promotional offers, even though they just bought one product from you. Because people are checking out and buying one product, it doesn’t mean that they’re opting in to get emails from you continually. Or on the flip side, if someone’s opting in for an e-book, it doesn’t mean that they’re opting in also for your newsletter.

2:20 What is GDPR Tip #2
There’s also cookie-related issues, and this is the second thing for you guys to follow. If someone’s coming to your website within the EU, have a little notice at the bottom of your site, and you can talk to a lawyer to figure out the right text, something around, this site uses cookies to provide a better experience. They can either click the Accept button, or the Deny button, if you don’t want to use the Deny button, you could have a button that says Learn More, and that takes them to the privacy policy.

2:45 What is GDPR Tip #3
The third tip I have for you is, in your privacy policy, let people know what tracking solutions and third-party services that you’re using. Let them know how long the cookies will last if you’re using an email solution. Or if you’re using analytics like Google Analytics, let them know when they can opt out. Let them know how they can delete their data, because that way if the user doesn’t want to be tracked, they can opt out.

3:30 What is GDPR Tip #4
Make it very clear what your data policies are so that when someone wants their information deleted, they can read exactly how you will go about deleting their information.

4:40 What is GDPR BONUS Tip
Now, if you want a bonus tip, I would check out Privacy Shield. If you’re in the US, it’s a program that helps US companies be more GDPR-compliant. Again, I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know all the technical details for it, but I know my lawyer has made me go and apply for it and go through all the procedures. It just ensures that you’re doing what’s best for the users.

5:30 It’s best to take the extreme measure now of being GDPR-compliant, not just for the EU, but pretty much the whole world. Follow these tips; hopefully, you’ll do well, you should maintain the same amount of sales. If you have questions about GDPR, feel free to leave a comment, let me know, I’ll respond, I’ll do my best. Again, I’m not a lawyer so you may want to verify the facts again with a lawyer, but thank you for watching. Subscribe, like, and share the video if you enjoyed it.

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