Why You Should (Always) Dress For Success

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0:30 I used to wear dot com T-shirts, tennis shoes, gym clothes all the time. Heck, I still do these days. Yeah, I’m wearing a polo shirt right now, but that’s because we’re on camera. In general, I’ll be wearing Lululemon workout clothes not even if I’m not like, not even if I’m not working out, and I’m just sitting at home, I still wear them because they’re so comfortable. And I used to believe that people would judge you based on how smart you were and how much you can help them out or how good of a person you are.

1:00 Although that’s true in certain communities and environments like in San Francisco, it’s not true everywhere. If you want to succeed, the sad reality is, people will judge you for things that you may not like. Now, you could be one of those people that are like, and I’m not going to conform to it, I don’t care what people think, I’m going to do me. And if that’s your attitude, by all means, you should do it. If you don’t want to change, you don’t have to. But I did an interesting little experiment when I used to live in Las Vegas.

1:30 Technically, I still do, but years ago when I was living in Las Vegas. And when I was living there, I spent over six figures on clothes to see what would happen. And I found out that even though I had the knowledge to help businesses grow because I was dressing nicer, companies felt that hey, this Neil guy knows what he’s doing and he’s successful, look at how he dresses. More people wanted to work with me. More people would even pay me more money. Just think about those things. More people wanted to work with me and pay me more money just because I was dressed nicer.

2:00 Now, these days, I don’t dress as nice because I don’t care and if I don’t make as much money from it, so be it, but the point I’m trying to make is appearances matter. You may not think so, a lot of other people may not think so, especially depending on if you’re in the tech community or if you’re not. But it does matter to a lot of people out there. I remember my mom always used to tell me when I was speaking on stage, stop wearing those T-shirts with holes. And she’s right. I shouldn’t be wearing those white T-shirts with holes, and I should be wearing button-ups or a collared shirt, especially because I’m getting paid to speak as well. And I would always joke with my mom, I’m like, mom, I’m getting paid to speak, I can wear whatever I want. And she’s like, that doesn’t mean you should do whatever you want. And she was 100% correct.

2:30 Having some image is good, because whether you like it or not, some people will judge you based on that, so might as well put your best foot forward. And if you can help it, have people always look at you in a positive light, and it’ll help you generate more income. And I remember when I published the blog post on how dressing nicely affects your income, I got a ton of comments from people talking about how they tried it out and it also helped them generate more income as well. So whether you like it or not, people will judge you based on your appearance and if you want to succeed, consider dressing up. It does make an impact.

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