Why You Should Write Content For Google and Not Social Media

Today I’m going to share with you why you should write content for Google and not social media.

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So, here’s the analytics for my site, neilpatel.com. I’m recording this video on a Saturday, as you can see, I’m getting roughly 997 people right now on my website, which isn’t bad for a weekend because I’m in B2B.

Now, if you think about my traffic, all right, I’m getting a lot of traffic real time. Let’s look at that numbers and the data, and dive a little bit more in.

You can see still roughly now it’s 1,000, and when you look at the traffic, roughly over 500 plus of that keyword, so actually let’s dive into traffic sources, but over 500 is coming from organic.

And actually, let’s go back to overview. So, organic not provided 506, some in different languages, some from YouTube, but again, going back to traffic sources, what you can see here, organic Google 416, organic Bing one, DuckDuckGo, then there’s referral traffic.

So, if I type in digital marketing and Ubersuggest, it’ll show you the rough trend for that keyword, how many people are typing in and stuff like that.

But look at their estimated visits from Google on a monthly basis. This one’s getting roughly one visitor.

What you’re noticing is is as I’m going further and further along, I’m seeing content with less social shares, but amazingly the organic traffic is increasing.

Why is that? Well, it tends to be that the content that a lot of people search for on Google are how to related terms, more educational and informational, yet the content that people are sharing on the social web, like Facebook, Reddit, they don’t really care to share the how do stuff, no one cares to share how to tie a tie.

But yet, if I just type in the key word, how to tie a tie with an Ubersuggest, how to tie a tie, 450,000 searches. Now granted, the search volume is lower now, but the search volume is lower now due to things like people staying in doors more often, but you guys get the point in which when you look at this, is no one’s really want to share a article on Facebook. You’re not going to have an article go viral on how to tie a tie, but the volume is there.

See, a lot of the terms that people are searching for is not the content that people want to share on the social web. And you’ll also find that similar things with back links, the content that people want to link to that has a lot of amazing data and stats that people want to share and link to isn’t a lot of times the content that people want to type in and search for on Google.

So, what I want you to do is write content that people search for on Google. And that doesn’t mean that you should write the content for robots or algorithm. Write it for humans, of course, but at the same time, after you write a lot of the content that people are searching for, and you can just figure that out by just doing keyword research on Ubersuggest, type in any of your main keywords.

You can even then go to the keyword ideas report, and it’ll show you other relevant keywords that are related, like how to tie a Windsor knot, how to tie a knot, how to tie a tie easiest, or the easiest way to tie a tie. And then from there, you can write the more advanced in depth content like the meaning of ties or what the color of your tie really means, like red may stand for power.

If you look a lot of the people going for political elections, they pick their tie colors for a reason, or the meaning of different tie styles. There’s skinny ties, there’s ties that are really fat, there’s ties that are medium in width. And that kind of stuff could actually impact how many links and social shares you’re getting.

But first go and create the content that people are searching for, and then go and create the content that people want to share on the social web. Because that evergreen content, that evergreen traffic, not really the content, but the evergreen traffic that you consistently get, it’s going to be from that evergreen content that people are searching for and not searching for.

Again, look at my Google Analytics real time. You see here, 397 visits coming from organic. And now, let’s get back to social. Social, let’s see it is a whopping five, right? Not 100 X more this time, but close enough.

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